Buying Fake Samsung Grow lights from Alibaba

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Headhunterpipes, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Its been pretty much bothering me because I don't like people being led to believe they are buying a named brand product and not getting what was advertised or promised .
    I Call Samsung support up just now PS they close at 9 pm ,,just to ask if is Meijiu and King Bright are Authorized Samsung dealers or they have a account with Samsung to buy genuine Samsung Light Emitting Diodes .
    After pretty much telling the Samsung USA sales Head office In New York that I was going to buy Samsung LED grow lights from Alibaba and the name of the lighting companies that are making the grow lights listed on Alibaba sales ads .
    I told Samsung I want to make sure I am buying Genuine Samsung products and Samsung has to make sure I am not going to get ripped off so I need to know if these companies are buying Samsung 301 b Light emitting Diodes .
    I want to know if The lights being made by these companies are using Samsung Diodes .

    Alibaba ,, King Brite and meijiu are not Samsung customers ………………..
    None of them have a Samsung accounts and none of them are authorized Samsung dealers ..

    here is the number hit 1 for US sales 1 516 888 3240 ..
    I was told that there is not one lighting company in China that Korean based company Samsung is selling LED's to ..

    If you don't like this Call Samsung Please ..
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  2. When has a knock off been anything but a knock off
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  3. Its really sad that companies have to lie to you ,,from my understanding the Knock off Samsung Led grow lights are really a pretty good grow light but they are not Samsung diodes .
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  4. what if they name they use on alibaba and Samsung are different? Or there may be an American based company that buys and ships the diodes. To many options to say from one phone call that they ain’t Samsung. Call 10 times, bet u get a few more answers
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  5. so expensive! cost me $620 before tax for 10 of them.
    here's the digikey
    its weird how the CCT(K) 5390K (4990K ~ 5820K) is so high!
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  6. Same happened to my wife with clothing. She called the company after purchase and was told no, not ours. She threatened to call visa on the fraudulent company and negotiated a 90% refund.
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  7. I talked to a industry guy sometime back and he said it would be nearly impossible for a hobbyist like me to detect a well made copy of these diodes and they know this.
    I agree they seem to be good lights though
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  8. ?????
    Samsung Is not selling the 301B diodes to any lighting company in China ………..
    Call Samsung ...
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  9. its the gold plating on the tangs on the side and inside the light emitting diodes
  10. Why don't you stop guessing and call Samsung yourself ???
  11. I ve also been told by people in the know that if you can get them to disclose the amount of copper in the pcb it'll be lower than the higher quality boards.
    I think the good ones are 2 ounces??
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  12. Lol like I said just bc Samsung don’t sell to a company in China don’t mean the diodes don’t get to China. Tons of things get shipped over seas once bought in the US. And FYI a company would not be able to tell u if someone was a customer of theirs or not. They probably just got tired of answering ur questions and half told u what u wanted to hear
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  13. That make zero sense Alibaba sells the knock off Samsung products cheaper then Samsung sells the LED"s for .
    They cant be anything but fake and please call Samsung yourself ..and toss all your ideas past them .
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  14. Tbh I don’t care. I buy name brand everything. Ik they are knockoffs. I’m saying Samsung can’t tell If their diodes are used in other countries nor can they tell u who they do or don’t sell to(sellers on alibaba). U must be young to believe everything just bc a person on the phone tells u something. Once u grow up a bit u’ll learn most ppl don’t know shit and just “talk” I’ve worked for a inbound call center for a huge company. Ppl get pissed most calls bc they are told one thing by other reps that wasn’t accurate, if u make several calls and speak to different ppl u will get different answers. If ur sooo concerned and want to inform/warn ppl buy one from hlg and one from alibaba and compare
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  15. yes. kinda pricey but i dont mind, i will get some soon. i posted the digikey; can use octopart to find a better deal, or something? idk. looks like best to order 10... idk... cuz i run 4 off a 250w driver, but I think u can run 5 with that, just not max them out? have to double check.
  16. The link you posted after that was for a different strip, the one you linked in the first post was with reds, the ones on digikey dont have red as far as I can tell.
    Horticulture Linear | SAMSUNG LED
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  17. How many phone calls have you made to Samsung? I will say this is the second such phone call I’ve read you mentioned. I sent an email myself. But how can one seriously believe SAMSUNG has not one company in China... that’s the kicker. There’s your sign.

    I own Horticulture Lighting fixtures and Alibaba supplier fixtures. My next purchase will be more lights from China, same supplier I used previously.

    knockoffs lol there’s companies, LED companies, that've been in business on alone for 7+ years. Not just selling grow lights either.

    A few days ago, you mentioned a call to Samsung, asking if Alibaba is an authorized dealer.... Alibaba is a platform. Billion dollar I might add. But they’re just the host. They’re an eBay, or of sorts. So reading you actually asked if was a dealer was kinda funny too.

    What happened? Did you have an experience with a supplier?
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