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  1. Just wanted a little advice on buying some in a situation I havnt been in before. In the past, I would just hit up come close friends to smoke with, but that was years ago and I haven't smoked in a while. I'm living in a new town and am known now as that dude who doesn't smoke, but I have a part coming up and wanted to celebrate it. A former coworker of mine who I have stayed in touch with offered to sell to me in the past and was thinking of hitting him up. I don't really know what to ask or how to go about it. Could use some tips.
  2. shoot him a call, say whatsup, see how he has been, and then ask if he is willing to help you out like he offered in the past. If he says yes, see if he would be cool with you going over to smoke with him and buy some. or invite him over to hook you up and smoke with him.
  3. So after catching up something along the lines of "Hey man, Ive got a party coming up and was wondering if you could still hook me up with some bud?
  4. Like just have a friendly conversation with him asking him how hes been and when he asks you how you have been, catch him up on your life then be like "yeah man by the way you still got a hook up on bud? been meaning to ask...."
  5. Alright, thanks Han. Gonna shoot him a few texts and see how this goes.
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  6. Be honest! Don't act stupid. Just tell him u need some loud??? Maybe even offer to smoke him out or give him a nug

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  7. yeah but not everyone wants to hear your wants and needs first, gotta have some manners lol! plus if he socializes and becomes better friends with the dude then who knows what other people/connects that will open doors up to.
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    If he sells hes prob got ppl hittin em up all the time, but, if he’s ur “friend” it may be nice to treat em like one. Just keep it casual
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  9. Bit of overthinking going on here.
    I get that it's your first time buying and all, so I don't mean to take away from that or anything you're feeling about it by saying this - but, it's weed. It's not a big deal.
    You're not hitting him up for an ounce or more right off the bat, so he'll likely be fine...and you've already got a friendly relationship.
    My suggestion is to be straightforward. If you're contacting him by phone or text be just, how you always are.
    Maybe steer clear of specifics in case he has some contact protocol etc, just explain your situation say you're in the area and looking for some green. See if he wants to talk, or meet up to talk., Do that.
    Know what you want to spend, have it on hand with you.
    Be polite. Prompt. Don't show up looking like a person of interest. Easy.
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    I was a patient in the hospital. There was a nurse taking care of me, adjusting my IV, etc. All of a sudden, another nurse comes in (I guess she thought I wouldn't know what she was talking about)
    and says to my nurse "Hey do you happen to know where I can get some green?
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Hello. This is me. Is this you?
    Hows it going? Hey, I'm having a party and looking for some bud and I thought of you first. Can you still fix me up?

    Have an amount in mind before you call.

    Shit. That was easy. Next....
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  13. [​IMG]


    Since you likely don't have a scale.
    Do offer your "friend" a finders fee as either cash or a nug or a smoke session. This way he's not feeling put out and will always be chill and remain a steady supply point for you.

    Low end dispensary buds are going for $20-$25 an 1/8th here in Southern California.
    Just passed a sign waving guy yesterday out in front of a dispensary with $25-1/8th on it
    Double that for some top shelf grade goods.

    Off the books black market Home grown, shaggy trim can be as low as $20 1/2ounce. LOL the state is flooded with herb and it'll only get cheaper as fall gets here and the harvest starts in earnest.

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  14. nice visual for first time buyers. 8th almost looks like what a good size joint would be.

    At our low point outdoor was going for 20$ an ounce in the stores
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  15. I spent some time catching up and then popped a question to see if he was selling anymore. That was a bit over twenty-four hours ago and he hasn't gotten back to me at all. Don't know where to go from here other than wait.
  16. Did he reply in the first place?
  17. Well, we were having a conversation for a bit mostly about our jobs, some other stuff too. Maybe 5 minutes after that ended I decided to just ask him if he was still selling and since then he hasn't replied.
  18. Maybe just drop another line and say hey, well if you wanna meet and talk, grab a drink or whatever hit me up.
    Unfortunately...there's likely always gonna be that paranoia around.
  19. Got in a call with the man. He's good to hook me up tomorrow, thanks for the help guys, happy smoking.
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