Buying bongs online?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by l StayHigh l, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Anyone know of a legit, good site that packs there bongs well and you have bought from them before?

    Looking particularly for roor's, illadelphs, LUX, and Pure bongs
  2. you won't find any of those bongs online except roor. and idk if grasscity carries them, but i know grasscity has them. anyways you'd be better off finding a nice bong here on grasscity because i buy from here and there 100% legit.
  3. I looked and they dont have any brands that Ive heard of, and none of them were appealing to me.

    maybe I looked in the wrong spot
  4. Look around on grasscity a little bit more, they have a BIG selection of ROOR tubes, as well as EHLE. As for illadelph, LUX, or PURE, you're gonna have trouble finding those online, unless you're buying it used.
  5. grasscity has RooR/EHLE, as mentioned.. these tubes dont come with a diffy, might want to call EDIT to switch out the downstem for a a little bit of $
    BitFreakGlass has US Tubes.. these tubes come with an 18-14 d-cut vented diffy.. this diffy is "ok" but the RooR .DE diffy beats it hands down
  6. I've been lookin on EDIT and i found an EHLE 5mm bent neck ice cylinder, looks pretty solid catches my eye so i like it off first impression, anybody have experience with ehle's? won;t be getting it till summer due to the fact that, that is when i work.
  7. buy locally. youll find better quality at better prices.
  8. my hometown got raided in october of 08' and their no name brands all israeli owned, its key west anyone thats been there knows what im talking about.
  9. still, your best results will come from visually inspecting the peice in person, rather than a picture provided by the people trying to get you to buy it.
  10. true that is a good point.

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