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Buying at your local hydro store...

Discussion in 'Security' started by DoodItsSeb, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I'd like to know opinions of the safety of buying at a hydro store where cultivation is completely illegal. I am pretty eager to try fox farms ocean forest. I really don't want to buy soil and or nutes online. I've read a lot about police setting up cameras in front of hydro stores to trace people and bust them later, then again if you don't take your car, show no form of ID, and use cash to pay, there is no trail left to trace, does this sound correct to everyone else? Opinions and advice is welcome. :D
  2. You should be ok, people use hydro shops for legal growing like exotic plants.

    Just use cash like you said.
  3. completely agreed, hell theres a Local hardware store that sells the ocean forest thats typically busy throughout the day, all cash and no paranoia. that and theres enough hydro stores clustered together these days it really wouldnt matter
  4. If really scared..

    foxfarm -

    If the link doesn't work (I'm not a computer guy) just got to and search for foxfarms, they offer lots of things for their Site to store feature. I haven't done it, but noticed it was an option a while back

  5. I'm not sure what country you're in, but if it's 'Merica the cops can't randomly photograph or video tape people just for going into a certain store. The idea of only paying in cash is one I agree with. And even that would only make a difference if they begin monitoring your purchases; in which case you've probably done something else to screw up pretty badly. Warrants to track that kind of information on people take a lot of resources and prior evidence to execute. They usually reserve that kind of effort for suspected terrorists or cartel bosses or something.
  6. It is not illegal to buy things from a hydro store and bring them home. Even if the police had nothing better to do than watch people walk into a hydro store, they can't get a warrant based on you buying soil and stuff in a garbage bag.
  7. Well, how about buying supplies online? It leaves a bit more of a paper trail, but safety wise, I'm not too worried. Grow tents, grow lights, etc... This post could be used as a reality check for people getting worried about cultivation. Honestly, in my opinion, if no one knows about the grow, the supplies being bought for it have no reason to be looked into. But what happens if you ever are looked into? If this paper trail or evidence were to be observed by some sort of law enforcement, it might give them reason to illegally bust you on a lie such as "we smelled weed coming from the house." What would they have to lose? Our justice system is designed to back up Leo's, whether they're in the right or not. Anyone else feel the same, or am I just being a tool? lol
  8. Not a tool, youre using your head. @Usedtocare, you shouldn't think like that.

    If you are seen going into a hydro shop not looking like your adverage gardner then you will attract unwanted attention.
    It dont take a genius to work out whos going into a hydro shop and for what reason.
    This could be just the start of you being watched by the law.

    If you think im wrong, i have a friend that will tell you different.
  9. What happened to your friend? :eek:
  10. Lets just say he didnt think like 007.

    When you go to a shop, you should be going dressed like a someone that would use that shop. Do you wear boots, old jeans, maybe some gardening gloves hanging out your pocket. Do you go in a van for your stuff.

    This is my aim everytime i need to do a trip, and i also try make that trip the only one i will need to do for a while. :)
  11. i use a local hydro shop, have been since august havent had any problems yet, good people and they give me free stuff here and their, mind you i drop like 150 plus every time i go their, they do have some stuff thats over priced that you can get at a local home depot and make your self or go to a electronics store and get cheap, but they have some products you cant get else where. all in all as long as your just buying for personal use( not buying 10,000-30,000 dollars worth of hydro gear) you should be fine
  12. All true, but you're playing checkers in a chess game my friend. Many cops won't bother, but sometimes it does happen that a cop with a bug up his ass about MJ growers will stake out the parking lot and either run license plates or follow someone home. That can put you on his shit list. He can't get a warrant -- yet -- but he can do plenty that will turn the situation so that he can get a warrant. Very simply he can do a knock-and-talk, just ring the doorbell and make up any excuse (there have been a lot of burglaries in the area, we're just going around to warn people...) and once you open the door he can claim that he smelled MJ. Now he can either enter on probable cause or get a warrant, definitely.

    Online, on the other hand, is much safer. Yes it leaves a paper trail, but who can get access to it? MJ enforcement is almost all local. The record of your online transactions are kept in a different jurisdiction, probably in a different state -- your local LEO can't get at them for a fishing expedition. They can get at a specific individual's records for a specific investigation, but that would mean you are in LEO's gun sights already -- my whole point is to stay out of those gun sights in the first place.
  13. Understand your worries... I have used online, and hydro shops. Personally I would rather go to a shop and get what I need and leave. They can, and usually will put in a plain cardboard box or bad if you want, so people don't see what you are bringing into your house. If you order online, and are not home to get it, and your mail delivery is like mine, you come home to your package sitting on your front door step, possibly in it's original box... so the big grow light hood is pretty obvious, or tent, or whatever.. not that the mail person cares, but your neighbors might, and that could lead to a phone call to Law enforcement from a concerned neighbor.
    I usually pay in cash, just my preference for all transactions, but do pay with CC without hesitation when I need to.. I don't worry about the transaction, because what you are buying isn't illegal.
    Have had police come to my house on a unrelated matter before, and have had them come in. Disclosed that I was a licensed medical grower, they asked to see, showed them, was well in compliance, they left, no issues... but I am in a state that allows this activity. This happened some time ago, and have not been harassed or bothered with by them.
    So, you can try to hide your activity, but as stated above, if someone knows what you are doing in a state where it is not legal and gets popped and tells on you, or for some other reason the police come to your house, you can still have trouble..... wouldn't worry about it coming from the Grow Shop, or online purchases.. almost always it is self inflicted why the police are at your house :)
  14. police shop is about three blocks from grow shop. its kinda ackward with a bag of hydroton on one shoulder and bottle of nutrients in the other hand when the pigs are waiting at the light right where you have to walk to parking. but neither of those things are illegal.
  15. I have been followed by police twice in the last year while leaving the local hydro store...I only order online now. When police constantly find the products sold at a local store, i.e. hoods, lights, hydroponic systems...they know where it's coming from or at least the most likely place it's coming from.

    The comment about police not having the ability to follow you or take your picture is completely false...they can and they will do exactly that. Most online stores ship discretely in plain cardboard boxes and their prices are almost always cheaper. For example, 1000 watt Hortilux at my local shop is $119.00; sells them for $89 all day...why pay more and risk being followed if you don't have too.

    The key to longevity is no one knowing...police running your plate or seeing you at a "hydro" store completely eliminates that key ingredient to success.

    That wasn't just my two cents...that was a nickle.
  16. Here's a link from a lawyer speaking on your rights when it comes to shopping at grow stores.

  17. I have only been to a hydro shop once but where I live I am close to the border of 2 other states so I go to a different state to buy things I need quickly. I usually do that stop while doing other errands. There is a shop 15 min from my house but haven't been there an prefer to take a nice drive.

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