buying a "waterpipe" online

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffrey112, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. ok i have a question i have a bud whos smokes and his dad smokes....but his dad is doesnt want him ordering a bong offline....and for some reason he wont but the kid a bong.....
    he really wants to get a new piece and stuff and wants to get it online.....he already has teh 50 dollar visa card I guess.......

    I guess what he wants to know is:

    1. will the visa card work to buy off of a site.
    2.will he have to sign for the package....HE IS UNDERAGE>....
    3 will the cops come under any circumstances....
    4is he put on some list.

    I would help him out but i dont sell anything to minors........
  2. It seems like you're the underage guy. There's really no reason to be ashamed of that or whatever, if it's the case.

    Uh the prepaid Visa thing, yeah; singing for packages varies with whatever plan the company uses; delivery men rarely ask for IDs.

    No and no.
  3. 1. yes - if he buys from Grasscity (he is buying from Grasscity, right?) it won't show up on the bill as "Grasscity" or "bong store" or whatever, it'll be discreet

    2. not sure if he'll have to sign, but i've been signing for packages for years and never been ID'd

    3. cops will not fuck with him. after all, he's only buying a "tobacco water pipe" right?

    4. no, there's no list

    you/he is fine
  4. Surely you aren't talking about yourself when referring to your "friend", right? Oh who am I kidding, that would be blasphemy!
  5. just have him send it to your house since you're over 18, and sign for it then give it to him.

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