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Buying a QP

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bigtoe, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Hello, I'm new to these forums. I read through some of the questions and most everyone seems pretty cool, so I registered.

    Around here prices are as follows for mids:

    1g: $10 (dime bag)
    1/8: $20 ($5.70/g)
    Ounce: $120 ($4.28/g)

    What prices would you think is reasonable for a QP? Oh, and how can one make sure they are safe with enough cash on them to buy a QP?

    A price was already quoted but I didn't want to influence anyone's answer (subconciously)
  2. to answer your safe question i would bring a friend or two with you even if they just sit in the car. its always best to ride around with a friend when making big pick ups

  3. It depends on quality first, great dank bud, 4 - 5 Hun, Cheap, Leafy , crappy smell, I won't touch it. If your concerned about security, Get your biggest couple of friends to come with.
  4. Keep a Springfield XD in your waistband and a friend in the car when pickin up big weight. I trust my dealer because I've known him before he started dealing, but I still come strapped just because you never know who else could be there and what could happen.
  5. Carrying a gun does not make you safer. You're either going to get shot because someone sees you carrying it, or you're going to shoot someone and needlessly take a life, most likely ending yours as well. It's just all around dumb to carry weapons.
  6. buy a gun dont pull it unless shit goes down dont even let home boy know cause then he pulls his and shots ur 1st
  7. In this scenario the gun would just be for intimidation purposes. So like if he got mugged with a knife or something, he'd have the upper hand with a gun. Even if it's not loaded, no one ever wants to take a chance against one.

    Pack heat if you want, but please please please be responsible!!!
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    Wow bring a gun to buy some weed...what types of lowlifes you guys hanging around??

    Thats why you should grow your own....never have to worry about weed again:hello:

    I been growing weed for years and havent bought weed from anyone for over 10 years..i get high every day 7-8 times a day

    A gun will only make you a legend in your own mind
  9. for mids 290-330 if u know good people
    if not prob around $350
  10. I know a guy that will drive a QP to my house for $500 as long as I gave him a place to sleep for the night. Mind you, he is a couple hours away too
  11. QP of mids goes for around 350. Headies can be anywhere from 600 to 1600.

    Don't be an idiot and buy a gun. Don't let a safe marijuana transaction turn into a gunfight.

    Make sure you know who you're dealing with.
  12. Its not like I get out of the car and tell the guy, "hey don't be stupid, I have a gun"

    I carry because I don't trust people out here in Orlando.

    Its for my protection, not for intimidation. One of the rules of engagement is if he uses a stick, you use a stick. So if he pulls a knife, I'm not gonna put my handgun out.
  13. That has got to be one of the most ignorant statements I have ever read. I don't know about you, but I take pride in the fact that I can carry a gun to protect myself if I so choose to. Nobody said he had to be waving the gun around, so there goes your theory number 1. And if I had a gun on me, I wouldn't pull it unless it was a life or death situation, so if someones trying to kill me, you can bet your ass I am going to kill them in the process. And there goes your theory number 2.

    I can't remember the last time I went somewhere without some sort of protection. Ie. Monkey wrench in car, pocket knife in pocket...etc.

    Don't get me wrong, you should always have a CCW, and own the knife/gun legally.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:

  14. Actually the USA has the most amount of gun related deaths per year. FAR FAR more than any other country, I think its b/c we can carry guns around. Its not legal in many other places. I know he said he wasnt going to use it but still, I doubt he would need it.
    If you are in fear I would just buy from somone else.
  15. $350 is the median price for a QP of mids in my area.

  16. 420 high times, your right we do have more gun related deaths. Mostly because as you said its legal to carry here... where as in other nations only the corrupt government and para military, that rapes and pillages their own people, have guns. I'll take a system where the average joe has a chance over some altruistic bullshit any day. Look, people are going to get their hands on guns, making them illegal just makes it so that only the grimy people do...
  17. Most places in Europe arent like what you just mentioned and those goverments have a good system. They are not power freaks and dont have many gun realated deaths b/c its hard to obtain one and carry it there.

    Personally I would prefer it like it is in many European countries UNLESS it meant the USA had a communist or dictator goverment system.
  18. #19 FerrariBud, Feb 22, 2009
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    ^Europe did not come into existence in 1980 last time I checked. Examine a history book and tell me if you did not come to the conclusion that Europe is a exhibit A for violence, except as you pointed out, for the very recent past. (bosnia... spainish sepratists... neo nazis) I also would counter that 60% taxes, a population that is stagnating and culture of fear, (yes, europeans are scared, after WW2 personal privacy and rights went away, FAR BEYOND patriot act standards, you cant stray off a sidewalk in london without the police yelling at you over a loud speaker) It all boils down to this. I think people should be responsible for themselves, so I say carry a gun, even the odds with the bad guys. Others think that its "the governments" job to keep them safe... when a guy pulls a gun on me I am not thinking, its ok the govt will take care of it... I DO, with a .380 to the head.
  19. I dont think they should be illegal, they should just be much harder to obtain, more background checks and registry stuff etc.. (Im not exactly sure how registering a gun goes) but if guns were harder to obtain, you wouldnt even have that guy pulling a gun on you. You are probably better than him and would have your shit together more than him and it would be easier for you to obtain a gun then him.

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