buying a newbong need help

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  1. Everything on that site is china glass, but anyways, I would def not spend my money on 3x 8 arms, first off, there will be way too much drag and just not worth it,

    if you wanna get from that site, i'd recommend the toro ripoffs

    like this HighEnd : HIGHEND 12" 8-Arms Switchback Reversal with Showerhead Stem

    prob close to no drag and a good ass hit, and it looks much much better
  2. could some one recommend a good canadien site to buy a bong id smoke tower is all china glass
  3. Idk anything about a canadien site but I'm also buying a new bong in December. I've been shopping for months researching brand after brand, beaker vs straight, etc. I wanted a thick piece with sturdy glass, and I prefer beakers. I came to the conclusion that the Bubblicious bong from glasscity is the best choice for my price range. Idk what your price range is but mine was around $200. I picked the bubblicious over things like.roor and illadelph for 2 reasons. One being the glass thickness and the other being the downstem. RooRs are overpriced, a 3.2mm little sista is about $160, 3.2 isn't very thick at all and for about the same price if not cheaper you can get 3.8mm thicker glass with a diffused downstem which the little sista doesn't come with. If you want a 5mm little sista the price is now raised to $250, people might tell you that roor does that because they have better quality glass but it's not really true, 3.2mm isn't as good as 7mm even if it is roor, the quality is about the same. Illadelph is also overpriced, I love illadelphs looks and designs.but they're not really worth it. Go check out the bubblicious bong on grass city and I think you'll like it, and as for percs, they're nice but a lot of times they cause a lot of drag.
  4. Also taller bongs aren't always better either, between 16in and 20in is sufficient, your kinda pushing it at 20 but you can get away with it, any bigger than that it's gonna be hard to clear and your gonna get a lot of stale smoke
  5. I don't know of any Canadian sites but grasscity has some awesome stuff but if you don't want to wait 2+ weeks I could pm you some other good sites and also never buy pure glass it's a pretty shitty company
  6. smoke session depot. they sell cheech glass even, which is somewhat covetous.
  7. cheech glass is china glass right,...?
  8. [quote name='"SsYyNn"']cheech glass is china glass right,...?[/quote]

    No I have a 9mm cheech and its indistructable

  9. Not true. Cheech glass is very much so china glass. They're 9mm glass is about as rigid as 3mm American or German.

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