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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by G56, May 24, 2006.

  1. 2 flourex lights - energy draw of 150 watts, light output of 1000 watts
    4 flourescent corner lamps
    1 sun lamp
    exhaust fan
    carbon air filter - zero smell
    all cords
    Dimensions: 2.5' wide x 2' deep x 6' tall in an Oak finish wardrobe

    I've got no pics but I found this posted on craigslist for $400 CAD... is that a good price? I was going to build my own anyway, but since I found this deal I'm considering just grabbing this instead.
  2. You could probably build that same system yourself for about 1/4 the price, but if you've got the money, and the construction looks solid, go for it.

    In reference to the claim "light output of 1000 watts", beware, this is a misleading marketing tactic. What they are refering to is that their 150w bulb will put out approximately as much light as 1000w of incandescent light. However, watts can not be used to measure light output; they measure electrical consumption. The 150w CFLs that this cabinet comes with will not put out as much light as a 150w HID, and i personally don't recommend fluorescents of any kind. Yes, you CAN use them, but the results you see when switching to HIDs will amaze you. Not only do they put out more light with less electricity, but they also generate less heat (I know most people won't believe me on this, but it's true), and will output the light from a singular source as opposed to diffusing it over a large area (which your plants will prefer a great deal more).

    With the size cabinet you've specified, I would recommend a single 250w HPS bulb. If money is an issue, you can buy raw ballasts/sockets/bulbs at for pretty cheap. You could wire one up yourself for about $75; just make sure you buy the ballast, bulb, and mogul socket, then pick up some electrical wire at the hardware store (check the specs on your ballast to see what gauge wire you need).

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