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Buying a bowl, need help.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DealerNoDealing, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Ok, so I'm about to buy a bowl off amazon but I live with my dad who doesn't know I smoke. Yes I'm going to tell him soon. Ok so I live in an apartment and I was wondering if I should have it delivered to an empty apartment or a separate apartment building (there is other buildings next to mine) but I don't know what would work. Any suggestions?
  2. - Get a PO (safe deposit) box and have it ordered to that.
    - Make sure you can track exactly where it is, monitor it often, and get to your mailbox before your dad.
    - FInd one of your friends who is allowed to smoke or who lives alone that you trust and ask if you could order it to his house and just pick it up when it gets there
    - Tell your dad, don't be a bitch
  3. Does your dad open your mail and/or packages.? Do u play video games.? Just say u ordered a new game.. Lie about whats in it. Something that intrests u but he hates..
  4. Ask a friend of you can send it to their house.
  5. this is what headshops are for dude... im just messin, you might not even have one in your town.
    Probably the easiest thing to do is get a p.o box, they aren't that expensive and are pretty useful if your gonna do this often. Idk about having it mailed to an empty apartment or something, i've heard that sometimes that doesn't work because the name isn't registered to the address and it ends up just causing you more problems. But ive never done that so i wouldnt know firsthand.
  6. gregory would be quite mad if he found out.
  7. Get a paypal and put money into the balance. Use that so there will be no record on a credit card statment or whatever you'd use. And most places ship discretly, the return adress has a abbreviation or something so you can't tell it came from a glass site. Your dad shouldn't open your packages and if he does can't help you there other then try to be there when it comes so he won't see it.
  8. Do/can you check the mail before him? Hell when I lived at home I had well over 200 envelopes come for me containing things my mom wouldve kicked me out for. Shit he'd probably appreciate you getting the mail for him
    If it's possible to drive to the next town over or within a respectable driving distance to a headshop, that is my first suggestion. This completely eliminates the need for the whole shipping issue, and  you can physically guarantee the stealth and safety of your product if you're not ready to tell your dad.

    In the event that a headshop isn't an option, I would suggest using your credit card information and having a friend whose parents are lax with the mail or less nosy, allow you to use his address in order to ship your piece there. They can watch for it in the mail while you track it online so that you can let them know the estimated date of arrival. When you have free time swing by their place, pick it up, and maybe even christen it with them.
    Another option is to simply play the paranoid/walking-on-eggshells game, where you order it to your place and suddenly become super pro-active about getting to the mail first.

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