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Discussion in 'General' started by Gamefreak701, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. has anyone ever had buyers remorse after buying something like a new bong and using it once or twice to only find out you don't really like/want/need it?

    I bought a nice new bubbler a few weeks ago but only used it a few times. cleaning it is kind of a pain.

    I would much rather grab my nice glass bong and smoke some dope then using my bubbler.

    anyone else have this happen to them?
  2. i was really scared when i bought my bong. droppin 100 bucks for something you may not use that much is nerve racking. but after using it i'm so glad. such great hits and the ice chills the smoke so nicely. i'll see if i can put some picks up.

    anyway, i think your just bummed for droppin some money on somethin. you'll like it more and more.
  3. Throw up some pix of the bubbler and if you really don't want it....maybe someone around here will buy it....I know if I like it I may buy it
  4. yea I was gonna post pics just now. hehe.

    I like it for how nice it looks and how compact it is. when I bought it my intentions was so I could easily put it in my pocket and walk by parents or sneak it into places easier. and instead of having some cheap piece of crap to sneak around I decided to get the bubbler that is high quality.

    but i've just never needed to use it and probably never will now that my parents are more chill about everything.

    bubbler - used about 3 times and am willing to sell it.

  5. Nice bub man don't fret on the purchase. You will use it in tyme. Keep it, it is nice. JOE>
  6. I have the same bub dude .. idk why u would wanna sell it shit hits hard .. stands up .. holds good amount of water + nice flow of smoke.. u really cant beat this bub .. i reccomend this bub to someone if they want to buy it and ur really not goin to keep it..

    [​IMG] is my bub .. man i love this thing
  7. there is a lot of drug equipment in that picture boredjim. it does look like a nice bubbler though, how much did you pay?
  8. main reason I don't like bubblers (at least the ones I've used) is that they are kind of a pullthrew.

    but there is no way to pour the water out easily except pouring it out the choke. but then any pullthrew gets stuck inside.

    I have it cleaned nicely now.
  9. It looks like it falls over easily which is a problem. I received a bub for christmas that will fall over if you look at it wrong. I've only used it once but I keep it because I don't want my friend to know how unfunctional it really is. It was an extremely kind gesture on his part and I do not want to discourage this behavior. (He wasn't always so nice to his friends. I don't need gifts from him, but I also don't want to deter his kinder side when it's finally showing through.)

    I'm sorry you don't like your purchase. Are any of your friends interested in buying it from you? :) I wasn't using my zong style bong often. I let fievelbud and his roommie keep it and use it when I'm smoking out with them. It keeps them in glass and I use it a hell of a lot more now than I did. If none of your friends want to buy it maybe you could come up with a way to make the most of it. :)
  10. most of my friends don't smoke weed, or are even against it..argh.

    I have some cool people I smoke up with though, but no one will want it. haha
  11. im actually selling it to Zidave.

    hehe, thanks for showing interest though!
  12. i feel youll out there ,, i too have made a bong purchase i regretted,,,this bad boy was 2 1/2 ft. tall,, had 3 seperate chambers made out of some cool looking clear green plexiglass,,,,id pack that bad boy,,, and it would take me 3 good pulls to fill all the chambers up , to where the smoke was finally at my lips,,,shit i smoke cigs. all that pulling to get the smoke up,,, hell i couldnt pull strong enough to operate it properly,,,,i used it 3 times,, mainly when i had a crowd at my house,, i ended up selling it,,,, just give me my little corn cob pipe,, with the aluminum foil screen,,, and lets go,,,:smoking:
  13. I've had remorse on 2 pieces...both of the ones in my gallery.

    Both are softglass bongs which i thought were cool when i bought them. I was still a glass noob and was buying for low price, not for quality. The blue and white, taller one got chipped on the female piece downstem part by an acquaintance, so it also doesn't hold a seal very well.

    The smaller soft-glass bong, "sophia," has a really nice design but is getting to be small for my tastes.

    I bought a bubbler in october which has been tickling my fancy e'eer since, and i only use the other pieces if i need multiples in rotation. Otherwise, bubb all the way.

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