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buy marijuana at smoke/head shop?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by panman23, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. i went to a head shop and i bought a piece there. then i asked the guy behind the counter where i could get some weed. he said he didnt know. is there a way to get weed at a head shop? what do you ask them? how would you ask without them thinking your a cop? thanks
  2. at most of the headshops i've been in, any mention of illegal activities/substances will get you booted out the door.

    i would say, don't ask anyone in the store next time. ask the people leaving the store.
  3. yea don't do that, you'll be so salty when the dude at the counter is an undercover

  4. LMFAO damn dude you have alot to learn, headshops dont sell weed its ILLEGAL. if they did the place would get shutdown in a minute. please dont go into headshops asking for weed thats the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard, to obtain weed you have to know someone who sells. period. if you dont know anyone that sells weed then you are shit out of luck. headshops sell smoking pipes and what not. but they obviously dont sell an illegal drug dude come on have you even ever smoked weed before you went and bought a piece? you're not even supposed to say bong in a shop the fuck dude get a clue
  5. i hope this was a joke :(
  6. Well I'm guessing OP assumed that the guy behind the counter smoked weed and was just looking for a little hookup. Definitely not a good thing to do unless you know the worker and talk to them after they are out. Head shop workers definitely don't want to get caught up in selling illegal substances, that puts the store at risk.
  7. dude seriously? you don"t want to get caught right?
  8. lol ban this kid, obviously hes like 14 and has no idea.

    headshops sell "tobacco pipes" etc. nothing has the same name as you would call it.. they sell herb and spice grinders, powder grinders(coke), tobacco waterpipes...

  9. Fail.
  10. Only in California and you have a card can you do this. They have headshops here that are also dispensaries.
  11. That's bad juju
  12. how could he be 14 yet purchase something from a headshop...

  13. A lot of the shops around here don't ID or at least don't check the birth date so you can just flash any ID. Really helped me out before I was 18, haha.

    I wouldn't even recommend asking people leaving, 2 sketchy looking motherfuckers asked me for a hookup once when I was leaving the local shop, said they were from out of town. They just really freaked me out and gave me a bad vibe so I told them I didn't know anyone and left.
  14. Ignorance isn't a crime. Perhaps it should be, but I think this was a legitimate question. And so I shall answer it. You don't. Even if these people have fat sacks of the dank in thier backpack and even if they might be willing to sell you a bag, they cannot while they are on the clock. Their livelihood depends on them kowtowing to a system that makes them pretend they are clean and sober businessmen when the fact of the matter is that they are dirty hippies. (Good bless dirty hippies. )
  15. ....:confused_2:

  16. you arent. theyll usually kick you out for mention of illegal activity. they are called waterpipes.
  17. ^ exactly, i've made the mistake before the the clerks are always on your ass about it
  18. There has always been so much mention of headshops having no tolerance on the mention of illegal activities on GC. Though in my headshop they are upfront about it, I go in there and am all like," Ummm do you have any water pipes?" and they are like,"What? A bong?," or "can I get a cigar wrap please?" and there like "What? you rolling a blunt?" I am a regular there and I bet if I asked they could probably point me towards some bud.
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  19. wow this guys a genius! :rolleyes:
  20. at the headshop i frequent most often, there are no less than ten signs that say any mention of illegal activities will be responded to with being asked to leave. they're only trying to cover their asses in a business most cities would love to shut down.

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