Buy Female Seeds get FREE Female Seeds at The Vault

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    The Vault are still open and dispatching orders and still bringing you more and more amazing deals!

    Get free Female Seeds with every pack of Female Seeds purchased at The Vault!

    Visit the link below to learn more and get a 15% discount code of all Female Seeds.

    Buy Female Seeds get FREE Female Seeds!
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  2. Just as soon as your bank gets it's head out of the sand and starts taking cc again, I'll be happy to order from your site. Until then, no go. :( Sorry George. I loved ordering from you, but, I have to use a cc, I don't trust to do it any other way.
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  3. no worries buddy and understood of course.

    We can still accept card payments in the UK and EU

    Anywhere else you can still pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer, bitcoin etc. just choose the relevant option in the cart and the site will guide you through the process.

    Also if you wish to pay by bank transfer or bitcoin we will even give you another 5 seeds for free, worth over £25 on top of all our other offers! Check it out at Pay by Bank Transfer or Bitcoin Get Free Cannabis Seeds
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  4. I'm in the USA. I don't have a lot of money on hand. This is the reason I use a CC. Easier to pay little by little instead of all at once. I love your site and would rather order through you, but can't afford to pay out all at once. So sorry, George.
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  5. The vault rocks! Ordered a couple times for you folks never been disappointed. Awesome shipping. Cheers from Canada you will get a third order soon!

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  6. no worries buddy
  7. thank you

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