Butting Heads with myself

Discussion in 'General' started by PartyPartyParty, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow blades, am looking for some direction here. I am currently a Freshman at Oklahoma State. Before school here I smoked everyday, multiple times a day, had multiple pieces, etc...was not an apprentice.

    I am now on year long diversion with "random drug testing" although in the first 3 months I was tested once...the same day as my diversion meeting, surprise surprise. To my knowledge I passed.

    I smoked around 3 times in the last 3 months because I was sketched out with the random drug testing but now I know when he's going to test me so that's not the issue. It's just living on campus I'm so freakily sketched with getting caught (yes I know don't be wreckless with it etc, etc.) I don't know if I want to buy anymore. I'm not a moocher and hate smoking off other peoples L's without throwing down. Just battling with the new concept of having my own bud in my own room. When we goto parties and it's offered I accept right away now.

    Really don't know if it's that point in my life to give it up or what.
  2. bumpity bump bump bump bump

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