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butter chicken on thai jasmine rice...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by punkie, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. the FOOD OF THE GODS when you're high. I've found my new favourite food! I'm having a foodgasm, LOL.

    Seriously tho, it's just butter chicken sauce in a packet (I'll find the name of it, if anyone's interested), stirred into some chicken breast you saute. And I boiled some thai jasmine rice, which is beyond amazing even on it's own.

    Try it out, guys. It's amazing food.
  2. sounds tasty
  3. i had wendy's tonight. 30 mins later had a wendysgasm.

    you're food > wendy's
  4. That DOES sound good!

    I'm doin the low fat thing, so I had some grilled salmon, baked potato with LF sour cream, and corn. Yum!
  5. Yeah, I'm trying to eat less junk food because I'm developing a POT belly, hehehe.
  6. yeah I know I just tried the Fix n Mix with oreo pieces and there was an orgasm in my mouth then I cummed in my pants ;)

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