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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redsox1q, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Ive heard so many answers and i just want to be sure.

    I light my bongs with a butane lighter all the time becausei have no other options to light it with and i was wondering is the butane bad for you???
  2. yes it is bad for you, and it ruins the taste.

    google 'humbolt traders hemp wick' and I think the company is giving out free trials, and it's pretty cheap
  3. I would love to use hemp wick and in the summer i take SOLAR HITS yeeee
    but i cant have them shipped to my house...
  4. why? parents?
  5. pick up the mail before creative
    sucks if your parents open your mail haha blowsss
  6. When you quit using butane you can taste better. (Its the sulfer in butane) Smell better too. After 6 months of using it, if a light a jay with a bic i can taste the soot the whole way through.

    I got a free sample from Humbolt awhile back. It looks like a condom in an envolope. You know
    round up little rope. lol
  7. Is the Humbolt wick any good?
  8. yes and yes
  9. I think people have been using butane lighters for a really long time.

    I can't ever think of any case I've heard where the butane caused them any noticable harm.

    I wouldn't fuck w/ all that hempwick and shit just cause it's supposed to be healthier. I mean, you're smoking. It just seems silly.

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