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  1. What butane brand do you think is best for extraction? Personally I've been using Newport but there could be better stuff I don't know of.
  2. Vector is a great brand
  3. Anything from the Uk with a 7x or better
  4. As i stated before vector is a great brand of butane if you want to pay 20 usd a can. If you want equal quality you can get Lucienne which is rather inexpensive.
  5. Dear god, 20$ a can for vector? Find a new supplier...
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    [quote name="AfganiKush" post="18701750" timestamp="1379533081"]Dear god, 20$ a can for vector? Find a new supplier...[/quote]Welcome to my states mma. I like how the poster of this topic hasnt commented.
  7. I've used vector a number of times I've been sticking with collibri and Newport for their lack of impurities
  8. vector, all day

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