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  1. Ok so butane ruins the taste and is bad for you right? Well what if it isn't and you are just like already really high and your taste gets better so what your really tasting is just the good weed. Cause right now what at the first part of my high i thought tasted like butane tastes like dank ass bud... and anyways isn't butane burnt and thats what makes the flame. So butane wouldn't be reaching your lungs but the by product of the combustion of butane right?
  2. No sorry butane is extremely harmful.
  3. Im not saying it's not bad I'm just saying wouldn't it not be butane since it combusts into something else right? I don't know doesn't oxygen become CO2 when burned?
  4. it depends on the purity of the butane. for example, vector is way better than the bernzomatic butane you can buy at home depot.

    there will always be impurities in the butane, and thats what ruins the flavor.

  5. Use matches....
  6. What about the butane in the Bic lighters?
  7. It's not pure butane in lighters it's a mixture of gases that when ignited create a flame. When butane is trapped in an oily substance it bonds with some of the molecules and will be inhaled not combusted. If what you think is true then the thousands of people vac purging their BHO are wrong? I don't think so.
  8. Butane does break down into various new chemicals when combusted. I couldnt tell you what they are off the top of my head but you are right.

    Also I dont know the degree of how bad those new compounds are for you but I assume they arent good.

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