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Butane: Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hippie flip, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Just wondering how many smokers on GC actually ingest butane (from using lighters) and how many use alternative lighting methods...if you do, post your alternative lighting method!

    I ask because I'm thinking about not using lighters anymore, and was wondering how many people actually don't and if it's worth it or not.

  2. I use lighters, but would be interested in those hemp sticks.
  3. Shit I meant to add a poll...

    FUCK IT. The show must go on!
  4. Why wouldnt I?

    But my last lighter was a Natural Gas lighter, which worried me because I was taking GB hits, which is roughly like huffing the unburnt Natural Gas.

    Hopefully it wasnt harmful!
  5. I use butane but I tried using hemp wick once from a friend and the smoke tasted less harsh.
  6. Nay!

    I have a hakko and bee line.

    Indoor i use hakko

    Outdoor i use bee line
  7. I use a lighter almost everytime. why r people getting so in depth about smoking that even butane comes into thought?
  8. I use a lighter, I ran out of hemp wick in late May, never decided to buy more, but when I did have it, the absence of butane made it taste way better.
  9. if im in a group ill just use a bic.
    but if im just tokeing alone ill use my hempwick, i suggest getting one.. it might just be me or placebo or something, but i seems like i can taste the weed ALOT more when i use a hempwick vs butane lighter.
  10. Whatever it may be, i will light the herb with it.

  11. If you are going to choose to breath in the butane by using most lighters you might as well take it into consideration...

    I personally use lighters at the moment, but I am in the process of making my own beeline.
  12. I started using wick this past week. I like it a lot better than using a lighter. PLUS I could enjoy the taste of my weed.
  13. i mainly use Djeep lighters but thats only because i dont have a bank account nor credit card so i cant order hemp wick,and every head shop Ive been to has no idea what im talking about when i ask if they carry hemp wick.
  14. Fuck lighters....

    Hemp wick or herb iron is what I use. Its totally worth it
  15. I have been using a glass wand I heat up with a torch for about a week now and love it
  16. I usually use my bic. But I was wondering what the thoughts are on a zippo?
    Edit: also can you use a glass want with a dry bowl? And can you get a nice little torch at a headshop?
  17. I hate the taste of butane...
  18. I use a lighter all too much.

    But! I try to use Hemp wick.. and I love using my magnifying glass :smoke:
  19. i use lighters but i hate it, i need to get myself a beeline soon.
  20. Any word on zippos? I don't know if they are better for you then bics. They kinda seem to let off less fumes

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