Butane And Parchment Paper - Is It Safe?

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  1. Is it safe to spray butane directly onto parchment paper which is in a pyrex dish being slightly heated? I read something about silicone leeching in and ruining the BHO, but I've also read many reports of everything working out fine.
    Some insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. no its not safe, it dissolves the sillicone
  3. but once i scrape the pyrex i can put the oil on the paper?
  4. that's a very neat tool. thank you for that.
    would you happen to know if there is some sort of lining / pan which can be used to avoid/facilitate the scraping process? i saw a thread on using teflon bags and spraying directly into them. Neat idea, but it seems to change how you purge. 
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    The company that makes the slickpads also makes the slicksheet. Its a PTFE(teflon) microweave and it can be blasted onto and used almost like parchment. Its much more sturdy than parchment so folding it can be hard.
    I personally think you should stick to glass. Are you vac purging? You should be blasting into a dish that fits in your chamber so all you have to do is low 'n slow it for a bit then throw the whole dish in the vac til its done, then scrape once and thats it. I dont know what everyones big deal is about scraping, thats just part of the process. If you want to get around that by blasting onto parch/slickpads, you should just stop making oil all together..
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    You have a point my friend. I'm currently trying to figure out exactly what i will be doing. Due to the fact that I will only be running one ounce of bud i'm just trying to keep my efficiency up. I'm still waiting for all my tools to arrive. Looks like in terms purging i will be okay. I'm just worried about how well I will be able to pack 1 oz into a stainless steel turkey baster.
    thanks for your help
    edit: also, what is the best way to heat the pyrex dish while heat and vacuum purging? i will have this vac chamber 
    it seems like people have had success with griddles?
  7. Ive heard someone say they've fit 31g in one. grind it and pack tight as a mofo. Use a stainless screen on the outside of your filter in case of a blowout.
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    i have an aluminum screen, the type used for sliding patio doors. its not too fine but it could relieve some of the strain on the coffee filter. do two unbleached coffee filters secured via cable tie sound okay?
  9. cable ties are no good. you need a metal hose clamp to keep everything on there good. I would suggest some 500 mesh stainless filter from ebay, its cheap and 25 micron
    i can't seem to find the exact item you are referencing. would you know of anything i could buy locally? if you're sick of answering my question, just let me know haha. i'm sure there are countless threads discussing screening materials.
  11. I would say use both, with the metal on the outside. I personally use a whatman #1 lab filter followed by mesh.
  12.  great, thank you very much for your help. hopefully in a week or two i will have all my tools and will be ready to carry this out.
  13. Where do you find parchment with Silicone? The harmful chemical left over from processing the wood pulp paper into parchment is Sulphuric Acid. An amount of that is definitely left over but I've never even heard of parchment having a silicone applied to it. Parchment paper - Wikipedia

  14. OP is 4 years old yo...
  15. Did parchment change in 4 years? this i comes up on google for the topic

  16. I never said that, what's the point in replying to a 4 year old post when the person who made the post hasn't been online in over 4 years??

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