But im still fly.

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  1. Well i searched and im real bored so i thought i would make a new post.
    Quite simple really you take a pic( or find one) of yourself lookin your flyest and post it with when it was taken.

    July 31

    The girlfriend wanted new pics.

  2. if thats you at your flyest... im sorry bro, but you're the epitome of anti-fly.
  3. gimme a sec . . .
  4. get a pinstripe suit and some nice shoes and pants, maybe even a top hat, and then youll be fly. i mean shit, you dont even have a watch or any jewelry on, how can you call that fly?
    not raggin on ya, just sayin'...that AINT fly
  5. Im glad yall posted.

    I seen this and laughed my ass off, Then thought naa ima asshole.

    Now im laughin again.

    And clamin the mitten? Murder mitten *****? Where at hahah?
  6. i would post a pic but i'd rather laugh at this fly guy

    i mean laugh with

    jk man your a stud

  7. I don't have any pics of me lookin' like a douche so I can't play this game. :smoking:
  8. forgot to say

    nice smile

    hehe had to do it
  9. He's got a real pretty mouth on him, don't he?
  10. Fly fishing this past weekend...

    A bit literal, no?

  11. nice belt tsarone:p

  12. LMAO this fucking rocks. Plus rep for you my son.

    Here's the flyness of Laura - Jade


    God I'm so hot

    I'm absolutely wrecked here. Beer, bongs, beerbongs and rum. My baps look fairly funny here and my mouth is...well it's huge isn't it. Anywho, i am so fly
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    Dude, you not touching the floor doesnt make you fly.

  14. whuuuut? what about my shoes?
  15. haha just being random.
  16. Laura you look fuckin smashed. haha looks like a good time.
  17. no you like her breasts, me to.
  18. Ha, yeah I totally was. Was a wicked night, hoping for the same results this weekend. And where, may I ask, is a picture of YOU looking Flyyyyyyyyyyyy :p
  19. I need a lighter!!

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