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BustTheDutch420 Stash (PICS)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BustTheDutch420, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    OG Kush


    collection after my first semester at college


    great night


    gas mask


    my buddies


    miller lite bottle of my favorites

    thanks for looking....more pictures to come
  2. like the miller bong :hello:
  3. haha thanks bro
  4. haha yeah that is actually pretty legit looking.
  5. ugh do yourself a favor and spring for slightly more expensive bottles. hangover city lol. nice stuff tho
  6. That is an ass ton of Dutch Masters!
  7. Nice pictures man, nice collections.. I like your style man, toke on!!! :smoke:
  8. me and u would get along real good, match on 100 blunts and drink 10 bottles of liquor on a 3 day weekend... il show u how to catch a buzz
  9. dude if you dont mind answering, how on earth did you make that bong?

  10. i actually purchased it from a headshop for $ they did it is beyond me haha

    thanks for the comments
  11. ha dude that miller bong is sick.
  12. updating with a lil haze

  13. damn, thats alot of alcohol, and I like that pic with like 3576 dutchmasters in it.
  14. nice lookin nuggets in the last pic. Would be better if all those bottles were full. just looks like you don't throw away your garbage with em all empty.
  15. at my headshop they have a coke bottle bong also, just like that. It's cool.

  16. yup they have that one as well its sweeeet
  17. updating with sensei star!

  18. Looks like a fun semester. My friend had a bong he made himself out of a smirnoff handle, by drilling it very carefully.

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