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  1. Man i just got busted by my parents they found waterbongs and seeds and stems and a bowl and some other stuff in my room.......This sucks i had a calender in my room that i wrote "planted" in and now my dad is hell bent on trying to find my plants he aint gonna find them so at least ive still got that hehehehe ill keep yall updated on this tragic situation oh yeah and like now my parents know i smoke should i keep on going ??? ahhh who cares i love getting high so they can just toke a little themselves for all i care....later all !!!!!
  2. it all depends on the consequences you will receive from your parents for smoking, if any. are they worth it to you? if so, keep toking but be a lil' wiser on where you place things.

    if not, then maybe it's time to take a break, or move out?

    good luck with your sit, hope you get things sorted out!
  3. I just kinda had a talk with my mom about me smokin weed she was like its bad for you i was like at least i dont drink ( i do) and i dont smoke ciggs. (i dont) thats bad for you she was like its aginst the law i was like lots of things are aginst the law but happen everyday like police brutality and she was like whatever so im just gonna come home high all the time and when she asks me im gonna be like im not stoping cause you want me to i do it for me not for you . so i think this might work untill she calls the cops on me so ima still do it but do it really carefull hehehehehe~~ smoke everyday~~
  4. my mom just recently found my pipe and a few stems. when she asked if anyone would claim it (me being absent from the situation)....my brother and sister said it must have been left from a party we had the previous weekend. so she ended up throwing it away and whenever she left, i went back and got it. it really doesn't matter because we are all over 18...and I am the only one left at the house, but as long as my dad doesn't find out, i am in the clear. but as others have said, i am careful as to where i leave my shit now...better be safe than sorry.
  5. yo better your parents then the pigs ya know what i mean......so it aint all that bad
  6. My mum knows I smoke weed. She just takes the piss outta me and calls me a pothead, or a "fucking hippy" all the time :D

    I love my mum
  7. my parents have known for about 6 months now, they just fuck with me (obviously i didnt get into much trouble)
    like, when i walked into the pantry one day to get some munchies, my dad had bought a box of "Stoned Wheat Thins"
    he put them at EYE LEVEL on the shelf right in front of me, it was hilarious. and my parents bought reefer madness on dvd fo4 about9 bucks and i found it on my bed one day after school lol. havent watched it yet though
  8. hmm well they obviously know so maybe if you took it upon yourself to go up to them maturely and told them respectfuly how you felt. you know how your parents work, but i'm a parent as well and if one of my kids came up to me and wanted to talk about it i for surely would. that's what we want. i may handle things differently though too.(i would have to set guidelines) but i would respect them more for coming to me even if it was to say their doing it and thats that. at least they know what's goin on.
  9. damn dude I think you deserve some praise because your standin up to your parents and still smokin everyday..keep it up.

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