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  1. This shit all started monday, when my buddy asked me to get him some bud. He gave me money for it on tuesday, and i went to get it thursday. On friday, i gave it to him in school, and later that day i was called to the principals office. :eek: I was questioned about the kid i gave it to and another guy in my class, but they wouldn't tell me what was going on so i figured it was going to be fine. :D

    After school, i went to chill with some friends, when my mom called and told me the cops were coming to get me. :bolt: I gave my weed to my friend, but i forgot my bowl was on me, so i got a possession charge. :(

    They took me to the police station, and questioned me about everything that happened. They already knew everything, and just wanted to get me to admit it. They had looked through my buddy's phone who i had gave the weed to, and the dumbass didnt erase his messages. I also got charged with criminal sale.:(

    Today my school called me.:eek: They told me i need to go in with a parent at 8 am tomorrow. I think i'm going to be kicked out, and have to repeat my senior year, since my grades arent all that good anyway. I dont know what to do, i've never been in a situation like this before, what do i do? :mad:

    The thing about it is, someone called into the school and told them that there was going to be a deal going on that day. I told no one anything about it, the kid said he didn't tell anyone about it, so there's no possible way anyone could have known about this.:confused:
  2. WOAHAHHH too many crazy smileys BrooOooOO

    seriously. you "forgot" you had a bowl on you when you KNEW the cops were coming to get you? you fail at life

  3. Shitty man, but thats nothing it could be worse.

  4. thanks, dick.
  5. exactly
  6. i'm not a dick, im just telling you how it is. you know what you were getting yourself into when you met mary jane..... next time dont be stupid..?
  7. The moral of the story is never bring drugs to school; any school, I don't care if it's a college campus, you lose your rights on school grounds.

  8. /thread
  9. Wow, I would have def. dipped out of there if I knew the cops were comin' for me.
  10. You never should have brought that shit to school, and you should have never bought it for someone, bring them with you to meet your dealer (If it's ok with your dealer, ofcourse).
  11. I hope I will never be caught..must be a shitty ass feeling
  12. There gonna get you to snitch on your guy. And you seem like the snitchin type

  13. what? you can't tell my personality just by reading a story i told. I would never snitch on anyone that's involved with me and drugs: i'd expect the same out of them.

    They would have found me eventually, anyway.
  14. i completely agree with the bowl thing
    r u kidding
    i am more careful with ppl who wont even do anythign if they find out
    come on son
    u gotta be more careful next time

  15. I know, i'm a forgetful person. I was also very very high at the time.
  16. Haha, its funny how some people think they can just kill threads with their little '/thread' remarks.

    Yea man that does suck but keep that shit off school property always, eh I am sure it won't be the end of the world.

    Good luck.
  17. Wait.. How old are you....??
  18. you sir, are a buzzard. the kid was probably a narc.
  19. This should be like a golden rule for stoners. Your locker in school is not your locker, it's the schools. Same thing with dorms and even your car if it's on campus. Never EVER bring drugs, or a bowl to school. when i first started buying in like 9th grade i bought from people in my school, it was stupid and dumb and i'm lucky i didn't get fucking caught.
    the other day i saw a DEA agent with my VP walking through the cafeteria, i was like ":confused::eek: WHAAAAAT?!"
    true story bro

  20. Dude, literally EVERYTHING you post on this site is negative as fuck...I don't think i've ever seen you post anything constructive/ helpful / witty / funny / nice EVER.

    and you have been on the site since 07' and have 3 total visitor messages, so that's sayin somethin right there.

    All this mean and negative stuff that you post is not what this site is about man, for real.

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