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  1. Last night me and a couple of friends picked up some dro and had people over in my neighbor's garage, who is a personal friend and no parents were gonna be present for a long time.
    We smoked in his screen room which is attached to the garage and has a huge screen which basically you can't see through at all, anyways we have about 4 blunts and 7 bowl packs before another person shows up and we decide to move the group inside the garage, which only has one entrance.
    We pack about 3 bowls before we hear some doors close, everyone's freaking out hiding their bowls and shit when my neighbor says he'll go and check it out.. he takes his baseball bat.
    Couple of seconds later we hear "Put that bat down", and 2 cops burst in... it reeks in the garage and he tells us to give up everything or he's going to search us all.
    My dealer was there and he started handing him some bowls, grinders etc...
    After the cop had a pretty nice collection they decided to leave and hangout in the driveway for an hour just chillen outside.

    The cops did tell us a concerned parent called in, and most of the people I was smoking with knew this cop from before.
    We lost about half oz. of some good stuff, a grinder, and 5 bowls.
    Luckily I lost nothing

  2. That's lame. The neighbors shouldn't be calling the cops on you. The cops are allowed to just come inside and search you?
  3. i'm pretty sure a cop can't barge into a house even if someone calls.
  4. Yeah apparently the cops asked if we were smoking when my neighbor went outside and he said "yeah" and they just walked in after that.. :\
  5. wat a dumb ass....he coulda said no then they would have left without any questions asked....now a half and 5 pieces are gone....:mad:
  6. Really? you guys didn't get any charges?
  7. No charges whatsoever, they were pretty cool metaphorically speaking.. but w/e.
  8. i always wonder what the point of confiscation was for police? like what do they do with it? do they just store it in a huge room with pounds and pounds of pot? it definitely leads me to think that they really do smoke our shit.
  9. they incinerate it

  10. i incinerate my bud too,:D
  11. Dude, confiscating all that shit and not making any arrests probably means they smoked yo' budz.

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