Busted with wifey

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  1. Well not to long ago me and my girl were at a park at night rolling a blunt up. (Dumbest thing anyone could possibly do) and pigs rolled up and did there pig thing. I had a blunts worth only and it was my first time ever getting arrested, never had any offenses up until now. Went to jail, was in there for about 10 mins then released and told to appear in court may 1st.

    My gurl on the other hand who is 17 went to juvie and was there till the next day. I have a question though for any off you who have been placed in a similar situation. What am I looking at here??

    I have heard worst case is 3 months probation and community service which isnt bad. Just sucks cuz its summer time, and im moving out of the crib and that just screams smoke pot! With the 3 months pro it would defaniently fuck my summer a lil. I live in FL, so I mean what do you guys think?

    Also my girl said they told her she is gonna have to do a program to get it off her record, since she is a minor and all they want her to do some 6 month probation thing. Im curious if she says she wants to be tried as an adult, (she turns 18 in 3 months) Could she do that? Appreciate you folks taking time to read and reply. Hope to hear from some of yah.

    ~One Love

  2. well around here people get 6 months to a year of probation for stupid shit like having a little bit of weed, and if you do you should try checking out programs for drugs like around here theres a program called drug court but thats more for people on felony probation so i don't know what to tell you man good luck with it though. Oh well come to think of it if it was less than a gram theyll probably dismiss your case in court. but who knows? good luck though.
  3. Well on my criminal reports its says I had 6ml on me.
  4. its not that dumb me and my friends rolled up in a park located in a racist white town...looking back on it, it was dumb.
  5. Yah I use to do the park all the time. Didint seem dumb at the times, but once you get caught its kinda like "Damn, what the fuck was I thinking." Smoking in public places is not the smartest thing, specially in a car.
  6. it was weird cuz i never got busted...just hassled by the man and gay stuff like that
  7. Here in cali, minors who get busted in cali get 3 months of a drug treatment program where they get tested.
  8. :( sorry to hear your bad day,,, im in fla. also,,,, i ggot popped yrs. ago,,,, they gave me 3 months prob,,,, a fine,,,of like $400.00,,,, i got the fine paid,,,, and i was off probation,,,,,, its all a money thing your on probation to make sure you pay that fine,,,, once you do that,they could care less,,,, i also had to take these drug classes 8 of them at $40.00 a class,,,,, its all about local gov. getting money,,,,,,,,,and on this YOU BETTER LISTEN,,,,, from now until your 70,,,, anytime yoget pulled over, FOR ANYTHING,,,, your going to be searched in fla,,,,,just as soon as that prior drug charge comes up,,,,,oh dude,been there done it many times,,,,i would suggest you never travel with more than a joint or two,,,, your a target now,,,,,i realized this when they pulled me ,,they said my vehicle matched a vehicle that may be burglurizing the area,,,,and asked if he could search my ride,,,,, i knew i was clean so i said go ahead,,,he ran my license,,,,,then started his search,,,,, he looked everywhere,,now hes suppose to be looking for stolen items,,,, he found a box of matches [empty] under my seat and opened it,,,i could tell he thought hed found the motherload,,,,and i could tell he was upset as he put the empty book on the seat,,,its shit like that,,that you can expect from now on,,,,screw the law,,,,,

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