BUSTED...or maybe not?

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  1. Well, like a dumbass, I ordered a bong from GC and had it sent to my home instead of simply sending it to a friends house. My dad receives the package while I'm at work and since we have the same name, he opens it. He calls me at work and tells me he opened it and we're going to have a talk when I get home.
    I think about it the ENTIRE day at work, and the whole time I'm hanging out with my friends until I finally go home to face it. I come in....and he's not mad at all. He tells me that I'm an adult and I can do what I want, but he doesn't want me smoking in the house. He returns my bong and I walk away with a entirely new perspective on him as a person.

    Anyone else have parents who are ok with their decision to smoke?
  2. Indeed. Once you mature your parents start to see you as an individual and not a child. Its a good feeling to have your parents respect your decision to do whatever it is you want to do.
  3. Yeah, my dad doesn't like the fact that I smoke, but at the same time he turns his head at me smoking in the house.. he says it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
  4. Amen. It's tolerated as long as it's not in the house and doesn't interfere with anything I need to do. I can live with that since it's free living and food :)
  5. I hate to say it but if you are still living with you parents you are still a child. Even though weed is not harmful you should not be smoking anything with you are still a child, no weed, cigs, hooka, anything. You dad sounds like a pussy, over 18 your on your own man, but under 18 no smoke of anykind.
  6. He said that his dad said he's an adult now. Obviously that means 18.

    And just because a man lives with his parents (or parent) does not mean he's still a child for crying out loud. In a lot of circumstances (especially with how expensive living on your own can be) it's financially recommended that a person stay with there parents until they are half way through or even sometimes done with college.

    But that is assuming the person doesn't have rich parents that pay for everything when they move out.
  7. Lame, so very lame. Seriously, you're going to say stuff like that about such a trivial thing as bein on the earth for 18 orbits of the sun. that was lame. Life isn't about shit like that it's about individual perspective. seriously....
  8. dude, ure a fuckin DICK

    i got caught with a pipe, i hid under my bed and my mom found out and well she didnt care all she said, dont smoke inside the house, only outside, my dad said the same thing

    and i was like DUDE, my parents are fuckin awesome
  9. brass your a fucking idiot.... my parents are not thrilled with the fact that i smoke but im married with a wife and kid with a nice house, ect... so they can basically suck my balls!! if they want to kop a attitude about it then i simply wont come around, easy enough.... and they know that sooo my mom just lives in denial and my dad will make jokes and poke fun.
  10. Alright guys no slammin... Point of the thread is that his dad found something he wouldn't have wanted to face, But when he did he was able to look at his father in a different light... Now do some of you that have Nasty or Cool parents??

    My mother and I had a large discussion on no specific issue.. But I felt at fifteen(at the time) she really respected me as an adult.. I had a rough childhood.. So I let her know I smoked weed.. and showed her my stash and she smoked with me then and there!!! she told me that she thinks(high as fuck) that it should be legalized and this is what family home evening really should be... LOL... So I look at her and say check this out.. (were in my bedroom at her house).. I walk over to my 30 Gal fish aquarium that is sat on a sewing machine desk and draped over by a blanket.. I lift the blanket and show her the 3 plants that are growing in her house and she never even knew.. She did not care at all... Now I still smoke too this day(mid 20's) with my mother and she used to make laws and work high forms of government... So I really hope she can reform some laws some day???? We'll see.
  11. That's pretty cool. A similar thing happened to me. My mom came up to my room, and said it smelled like I'd been smoking. She ended up spraying my room so my stepdad wouldn't find out, and told me not to smoke in the house.
  12. congratulations on being a completely ignorant jerk-off! :)

  13. So your like 13 right? -rep
  14. I had a conversation with my grandma last night, and at first she said don't do it, but after talking to her about why I do it, she was a little bit more accepting. She just told me not to do it away from home and to do it outside in my yard.
    Hopefully my mom will feel the same way....

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