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Busted on city property

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. I do some sub contracting for a city near where i live. I am doing the excavating for a new fire station. I have turned the building pad over to the guys who have the bid for putting up the building.

    Yesterday I was doing some finale grading on the property when one of the officers came by and told me about the guys who were putting up the building.

    There were four guys putting up metal around the outside of the building. They were taking a break and enjoying a joint when one of the police officers came by and decided to stop in and see how things were coming along. The officer walked in on those guys who didn't know the officer was there. The officer busted these guys. I had thought about going over and toking with the guys. (I'm glad i didn't)!!

    I was asked by the city manager if I could finish the building for them. I haven't decided to take the job yet.

    The thing is the city manager and a few of the officers know i smoke and i don't know what they would have done if i had been toking when the officer waljked in.

    Those guys should have known better than to smoke weed on city property. It's a given that the city employees will want to come and see what is going on!

    I shouldn't talk to much but, those guys were being exteremly stupid!!!!!!!
  2. that's a bummer man, cops shouldn't bust for a lil j. Let the worker smoke!

  3. that was a close one, Bud. Good thing you didn't join 'em. Wasn't too smart on their part....
  4. Yea Stony I never smoke in a public place and thats the reason i didn't. They should have known they'd get caught.
  5. Not a really smart move on their part. A pretty smart decision on BH's part. :) I shouldn't talk ... I've smoked in public before. I wasn't on a government contract at the site, though.

    Lemme hear ya' yell "DOH!"

  6. that will be one decision that will cost them guys I bet...Good job on playing it cool Bud Head,,,This is another reason I choose not to smoke on the job,,I do to an awful lot of C.A.P. contracts,,as you may know Bud Head,,that involves officials on every end of the scale,,,so I am very familiar with the risk of getting you say...stupid move on their part.....

    Glad you didn't get involved in that joint Bud Head....

  7. Once apon a time I would have been right there with them. Several years ago I made a decision that i have kept and that is soking or drinking is done here on the farm. There is to much to be lost doing drugs or alcohol in public.

    I have heard people bitch about cops busting them. I personally believe that if you put yourself in the position to be caught, you give up the right to bitch!!!!!!!
    A very good friend of mine lost everything he owned and his wife and two kids had to move out of their house because he got busted. He called me up and started bitching about the fucked up laws. My responce was--- you know it's against the law. You chose not to avoid being caught by doing drugs in a public place. I had to help his wife and kids for almost six months to get on their feet.

    I don't mean to sound harsh but if you don't want trouble, don't go looking for it!!!!
  8. I agree with ya BudHead, 100%. I'm glad you didn't join them, I wonder too, what they would have done to YOU if you were caught too. Have you decided to take the job or not? That'd be a hard one for me, too..

  9. I have the yearly contract with the city for sewer repairs and road repairs and ditching. I fix what ever fucks up you might say!
    Ganjaphish, I have decided to turn down finishing the building. I may (under the contract) have to finish it. If so there will be more money in it for me!

    I don't think they would have done anything to me afterwards. They may have had to arrested me with the others as not to played favorites (if you know what i mean)!

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