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Busted. Hahahaha idiots.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Heh, 4 guys in my class (SENIOR OF COURSE!! oops heheh, just joking ;) ) got busted today. My English teacher was walking by at Safety (some random alley that is almost perfect for drinking and smoking. It used to have a couch there at one point.). So these 4 guys got busted for one joint. I wasn't there but it's damn funny. I only have sympathy for one of them. The rest can go to hell. Hahahahahaha... wait there is no hell... They can go to Newfoundland.. Mwahahahahaha!!! I don't like those guys. They think that the only good way to smoke is through a joint. Pffft!!!
  2. Its bad karma to make fun of someone else's misfortune. Next time it could be you.
  3. I'm prepared to make that sacrifice.
  4. ive been caught and trust me it aint no laughing matter.. your luck will run out some day keep that in mind...
  5. I forgive you your attitude, you obviously do not know how bad it can be to get pleasure out of such happenings.

    I wish you never have to be on the other side, with handcufs, and people laughing at you,

    I hope someday you unerstand why this kind of attitude is wrong,

    and above all i hope you will make changes accordingly to that knowledge.

    Peace to you, and to your enemies, whom are thy brothers and sisters.
  6. we live in toronto... no handcuffs :) i go to the same school... saw the guys walking around today.. no problems, it appears.
  7. man from how you guys are all talking, you make me glad i don't believe in karma..

  8. lmao......beleive it or not, its still there......
  9. stoned soldier; why be happy for someone getting caught? just think of the good times they can't have anymore, going out smoking a joint, relaxing, chilling.

    everyone's luck will run out eventually.
  10. no such thing as luck......if you go and smoke a joint in a public place, your asking to get caught......the more secluded you are, the less likely......still sucks they were caught though, but they should have known better......
  11. what about being out at a night around the town hippie john and smoking a joint? sometimes it has to be done.
  12. eh, my parents caught me, it wasn't cool. It probably was the worst feeling I've ever had knowing that I disappointed them.
  13. They shouldn't have been smoking in school. I just don't see why people smoke at school (well I do, but I don't see how they think it's worth the chance).

    School is for learning, not for smoking. It's always nicer too to get home from a busy day and just relax. To me it makes the experience nicer, lol.

    But I do have sympathy for them. I hope they don't get in too much trouble. The upside is that they learned a good lesson, which hopefully will decrease their chances of getting caught again.
  14. Ok here's the thing. They didn't get in much trouble at all. Today I learned that the principal said that they want the students to tell their parents themselves and he expects a phone call from the parents. That's not bad. I could easily do that.

    They were pretty dumb though. Explainage: They were in a circle each watching out (it wasn't even at school... during lunch in an alley/parking lot) and they still couldn't see the teach'. The teach' went right up to the guy with the joint and he was like 2 feet away when he took a hit. They've gotta be pretty dumb to do that. There were even like 10 other guys not smoking and they didn't even warn them. I wasn't there, this is what my friend tells me.

    They got in practically no trouble. And they'd do it again for sure. It was just people that I hated as a kid cuz they made fun of me and shit and I'm still not friendly with. Bah to each their own. If you knew them you'd understand.

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