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busted dealers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by notRoger, May 14, 2010.

  1. its the worst feeling in the world knowing your favorite dealer got busted.

    i have others i can turn too but its just a crappy inconvenience because well, they are just shitty dealers who make me feel sketched out. the girl i was getting from was just comfortable and easy, these other guys just make me feel like im waiting to do something worse than what im doing, ya know?

    but i guess thats the game. you win some, you lose some.

    do you guys come across this situation often? this is probably the second or third time this has happened to me in the 10 years ive been smoking. but it is arizona and it is expected.
  2. Fucking hate arizona man. :(
  3. its all about the money here. cops know that its not a big deal but its a big money maker for the court system.
  4. I had a boy of mine that used to work at a pizza shop right across the freeway from where I live. Man that dude was awesome, hooking up everything from pizza to huge bottles of drinking juice and assorted spices. I mean, I'd drive over there, or he would drive over here, all in all never EVER taking longer than an hour and a half... man those were the days... Dude was sorta sketchy, though, always talking about how he has it made and he will never get caught.... I guess moral of the story is... watch your back, you never know who your boy's are, don't trust people you just met, and don't let your ego surpass your safe precautionary measures that most everyone here (at least I hope)partake in on a regular basis. Also get a really big pizza, or 3 just to be safe.
  5. Well at least you have a few places to look and maybe you could get lucky and form a new reliable connection. My friend who also happened to be my trusty dealer died last month and now I'm forced to get my weed from a friends cousin who charges up the ass and makes you sit and smoke with him for hours on end.

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