busted by mum

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ox38776, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. my mom just found my stash in the basement....ahhhhhhh...she said she ws dissapointed but she didnt punish me. i tried to persuade her that it wasnt bad but she took it from me anyways..the worst thing is she called my dad and the ass is strict. he wont let me or my step bro get a job or a girlfriend till where 18. hes a fucking nut...aaaahhhhhhhh. i told her i wasnt going to stop smoking and she said i bette rnot do it in her house and i said that was fine. but its still fucked up.
  2. ..no job or gf till you're 18? That would suck ass...how old are you anyways? Not supposed to be in this forum till you're 18 either....
  3. dont you mean you werent allowed to have a job or girlfriend until you WERE 18? cause your 18 now silly....and yeah that sucks.
  4. i know how you fell ive been busted2 times 1 time when i was 12 and a few weeks ago. it hacks me off because my brothers which are 16 and 18 r allowed to get wasted all they want and the said if they find weed on me (*) im in deep shit. ive been grounded till further notice
  5. head fucked i believe you are 18. jesus some people..
    smokign all that pot must make you forget your ages!
  6. i am now 19 i meant to say thats what it was like b4 i was 18...imagine how much shit he is gonna give me if he makes a bi deal bout that shit
  7. getting busted sucks, I've never been busted tho cause i keep my stash well and truely stashed, and I only smoke at weekends in places I'm certain my mum won't find me, and i always carry some deodorant with me so even if she does.....
  8. just got busted also.. 2 days ago :'0
  9. i remeber my 1st time getting busted,all my mom said was your gonna get caught by someone who actually cares(cops),then left and didnt even tell me to stop haha.
  10. "are you TRYING to get banned?" that 18 or older rule on this forum is a joke..
  11. Is that How They Spell MOM in America?

  12. yea thats the only reason my parents care. fuckin cops
  13. i remember the first time i got caught by my mom&dad,i was 17,i was out side behind the shed,when i came back i was all red eyed,smilin form ear to ear when,my mom&dad said pack your shit your out been on my own since then,4 years down the road aint seen them&spoke to them once,they think im pretty much a dissapointment
  14. when i first got busted, they called my mom and made me walk home, my mom said "if your gonna do that shit, dont be so obvious!!!"
  16. my favorite smell is AXE that shit covers the smell good and its cheap damn
  17. Covers the smell? oy...its harder to cover the smell of it burning, regardless, esp. if its stinky shit...even with a spoof...and incense...and ozium...and cologne...

    When I build a house ima put a smoking room in with a carbon filter and blacklight posters... :D
    I can see it now...getting blazed with bongs under the bluey blacklight lookin' at the star-light...

    edit- I need a blacklight sensitive bong for that reason alone!!

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