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  1. Okay so last night both me and my sister were back at home from university and after she went to sleep i pull out some weed and papers and start rolling 10 j's, shes comes down to get water says "I smell weed" and then she saw all the stuff on the table. Our parents are very strict about smoking even still when we dont live at home, So we went outside and bunned a fat spliff, it was very nice bonding expierience and one that i hope to continue in the future. I also found out shes a bigger stoner then me!! Ive heard stories like this before on GC and have always been jelous of people who can smoke with a parent or sibling, well...NOW I CAN!!! Cheers everybody
  2. That's awesome dude.

    One day, I told my sister that I smoked. She told me she had smoked before, but doesn't anymore. Then she told our mom about my habits. Yeah, she's a great sister...
  3. Congrats, I felt the same way the 1st time I smoked with my sis. (and the one time w. my mom) It's not like it was a surprise with my sis or anything, but it sure brought us closer.
  4. yup happened to me too i am thinkin of revenge
  5. Ya i can deffinatly tell just from last night that its going to bring us closer, im going to her house in a few weeks for the weekend, that should be nice with all her room mates who have a hookah!! should be a blast
  6. My sibs arent this cool. I did find out that a buddies mom smokes, so we always smoke with her. I smoke with my cousin, and friends, and some of my friends' sisters, but never my own family...
  7. ya i cant smoke with anyone in my family because mom and pops are really strict my brother used to smoke till he got a new job witch i can understand but im goin with my buddy who i usally toke with and his sisters comeing with us the are liek ym second family so it should be cool
  8. i wish my parents would smoke, they are both pretty stressed out all the time, im sure a nice toke would do them well. but i understand why they can't, they would never risk losing their jobs (which people think will happen if they smoke weed) and lose all our possesions.
  9. one day my sister and i was driving and said she found some weed downstairs on my dresser and i was like yeah i smoke well she pulls out a nice spliff and we start token as were driving, and now we do it every day, mhmm i love my sister
  10. yup! just like my situatoin, i was never REALLY close with my sister but its bringing us closer, shes really cool so its good
  11. i dont know about that dude!

    i get really horny when i smoke with girls...
  12. DUDE!!! its my sister not fuckin incest show thats disgusting
  13. My little brother and I used to hate each other, and would fight constantly. One night after a couple years of bugging me, he finally got me to smoke weed with him (it was my first time ever). We've been best friends ever since.
  14. haha i agree with you on that 1 man, luckily i dont have a sister and my mom doesnt smoke(haha j/p im not into that incest junk)
  15. Smokin w/ your sis has got to b kewl. Good stuff man, family bonding. JOE>
  16. holy shit my 420th post HooRay!:hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: Happy hands accross the city. JOE>
  17. I've smoked with both of my brothers and two of my cousins. One of my brothers has quit indefinetly, the other isn't currently smoking but say's he will this summer. I've been chiefing with one of my cousins a few times lately. I know my dad smokes but haven't blazed up with him yet, and I don't think he know's I smoke.
  18. oh boy are you lucky. i wish my older bro smokes
  19. none of my siblings smoke (ones too young, my sister just doesnt, and my older brother gets drug tested for sports at college so he stopped like sophmore year in his- dumbass lol) but wouldnt it just be so awkward smoking with your mom? like one of you just said that you and your friend smoke w/ their mom. thats just kinda wierd, i mean smoking with friends is cool but with their mom there, she just wouldnt fit in you know?
  20. I've smoked with both my brothers and a few other family members/close friends of the family. Its quite nice.

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