Busted and I need your help..

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gramma watt 999, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. I am a regular poster on ICMAG and Greenpassion.org
    What a way to join a new forum...I have been busted and i need help. My name is Cheryl Paolini and I am a medical marijuana user in Ky. I grow my own meds, with my hubby, Mike. We do not sell. We are caretakers for a small farm, and get by on 75 dollars a week and free house. we can't afford healthcare, and we only had the equipment to grow because we have acquired it over the years. We used to have good jobs. Here is a link to the news article
    .Stanford pot operation busted: AMNews.com
    My daughters boyfriend ratted us out.
    Here is how it went down..
    This asshole boyfriend knows too much about me. As much as I love my daughter, I should not have trusted her not to let him know what we do. he is an abusive, controlling jerk,. and has threatened us before with ratting us out, we moved to another county 75 miles away. Should have moved to Colorado...
    They got into a fight last Thursday morning, she called the law and he went to jail and ran his mouth. She actually went as well..for kicking him in the balls.Before she went to jail, she sent me a text telling me to rip it up, but dammit I was tired of ripping up my crop because of him, this would be the third time. The first two times, he did not really in his mind have a reason like he did now. He said if he was going to jail..someone would pay.
    they got out later that day, I spoke to him and he promised he said NOTHING..told me he loved me, that he was going to treat my daighter and my one year old grandson better.
    HAH... not so.
    They showed up that night for a "knock and talk"
    Stupid ol hippies, we admitted to having a small amount of personal inside.
    They got a warrant.
    I know, I know, we should have stayed inside, they probably would have left, and we may have had time to flush/ hide the stash at least. The room was still in veg, no smell coming from the blueberries and cherry slyders yet, so I dont think they could have gotten the warrant if we had stayed inside.
    It was very scary, though. There were like 7 cars ...all state boys, drug dog and all. They were threatening to shoot my pitbulls, who are unsocialized farm dogs, and were about to come through the screen at them.

    I just got out today, we got a local lawyer who apparently handles all the drug cases, and he is willing to take payments...sooo...
    Going to scout the trailer for leaf to roll, and hit a few other cannabis sites with my story.

    I will put up a good fight and do it right. I see this as a way to make some serious lemonade out of some really sour lemons.

    I will represent us well, I promise.

    I hate to beg for money, but we don't have any right now. We used what we had to get out of jail.. and I need some money for this lawyer monday. Even if it is only 5 bucks, every little bit helps,
  2. Best of luck,
    fuck snitches :devious:
  3. You have our sympathy, but no, we don't allow folks to ask for money on the board. I'm pretty sure if you think about it, you'll come up with reasons why. ;)

    Good luck.

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