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Buspar (Buspirone)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FTG, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Has anyone been prescribed this, and if taken over weeks does it work? It's nothing like an SSRI right and does nothing with serotonin?

    Looking for experiences of people who've used it for a few weeks.
  2. sucked made my anxiety worse and gave me brain zaps:mad: weird like shocking sensations in my head.
  3. A couple of my friends "claimed" they loved them? I think u get a pulsing feeling along with a placebo effect from what I've read... but they were trying to get more the other day... idk? try it... I was offered them but passed it up after reading the side effects... not worth a fake high IMO.
  4. worthless
  5. Again, worthless. I was scripted them and went back to the doc the next week and got klonopin.
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    I was prescribed Buspar (before my DR resorted to benzos) for anxiety.
    It didn't help at all.
    It is a 5-HT1A receptor antagonist, so I am pretty sure it does effect your serotonin levels, but not as much as an SSRI would effect your serotonin levels.
    But buspirone (Buspar) did help to bring my MDMA high back up (I took Buspar after my E had come down). I took it once I had started to come down, and I came right back up (I wasn't as high as I originally got, but the high was still amazing) for about an hour.
    Buspirone, at least for me, had no good effect other than bringing my MDMA high back up.
    Otherwise, it did nothing for my anxiety.
    Over a few weeks, it is supposed to bring down anxiety and depression levels slowly, but, it really doesn't do much over time.
    I have had friends on Buspirone, and they also agree that it only helps with very weak anxiety.
    If your anxiety is more than "weak," you need a benzodiazepine to help your anxiety, honestly.
    To get rid of my social anxiety, I needed a weak benzodiazepine.
    Buspirone didn't cut it.
    Just tell your DR your symptoms, and, if his RX doesn't work, just let him know.
    It took me a long time, but eventually I found the anti-depressant and anxiolytic combination that works for me.
    If you need some pre-med/psychological info, PM me.
    I have taken 3 years of pre-med, and 4 years worth of psych classes.
    Just PM me if you are confused at all.
  7. Don't lecture me, I searched and saw your poor quality post linking to a broken link (now changed to wikipedia) I've obviously been there among other places, so please keep your useless nonsense out of my threads. I was looking for people with experience with it, if you could have even bothered to read my couple hundred character initial opening statement.
  8. Its the community's thread, even if you posted it. :p
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    Woah on day two and totally know what you mean by this weird zapping. When I breath or move sometimes it like tingles or zaps my body super weird. I'm going to take perscribed for 2 weeks and see how it goes then bitch this cunt out for benzos. She said anti anxiety meds didn't exist and wanted me on SSRIs, what a bitch.

    And ya codone he can post w/e stupid shit he wants it just pisses me off when people don't read at least the OP especially if it's three words, why bother posting.

    Bigwill what would you consider a weak benzo? I was hoping to be prescribed 1mg klonopin a day or at least .50mg as a start. Really ticked me off when she said there was nothing to treat anixety except SSRIs...
  10. it makes me lightheaded so easy. everytime i stand up i feel like i need to sit right back down. i took em for a week then i just quit takin em. i was pissed cause i think my doctor was too scared to prescribe me benzos. fucking bitch.
  11. I wouldn't recommend it.

    I was on it for two weeks until I called up my psych and told them to give me something that actually helped and wasn't some bullshit pill.
  12. I works, but it gives you some nasty side effects. It IS NOT like a benzo in any way.

    The side effects that I experienced were sweating, dizziness, restlessness, tingling in my feet, felt on edge and it make my anxiety worse, but it threw in paranoia.

    Not a good one.

  13. Um I would say a small dose of Klonopin, like 0.5mg. A lot of doctors like Xanax. Like starting you on a 0.25mg dose.

    benzo.org.uk : Benzodiazepine Equivalence Table

    That tells you what each benzo dose is equivalent to and whether its used normally as an anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, or hypnotic.
    You'll want the anxiolytic. And the ones that are used for a hypnotic will probably make you too tired to take them for anxiety during the day.
  14. Ok, thanks for the neutral rep:rolleyes:

    Anyways, like I said, someone just made a thread about it hours before you did, so why would you start a whole new thread when someone already made one about the exact same thing?[​IMG]
  15. Valium is a weak benzo, 10mg being equivalent to ~.5mg klonopin. Ativan is another weak benzo (IMO&E, some people think its better than xanax) with 1mg being equivalent to .5mg of klonopin but a LOT shorter acting.

    Next time you see your doctor call her on her "SSRI's only" bullshit, but in a nice way. Tell her that you want to try ____ and will take an SSRI as an adjunct treatment but not the SSRI alone.

    Benzos aren't a cure (as I'm sure you are aware) for anxiety but are GREAT for reducing your anxety. If it wasn't for my 1mgx3/day klonopin and 25mg seroquel I wouldn't be able to function naturally.
  16. I take Buspar for my anxety but I use it with another pill. It works great for me and has for several years, Ive never had any of the side effects either.
  17. I was perscribed to that, it did me no good. For at least a day and a half after taking just one, I wasn't even myself.

    No value whatsoever.
  18. Don't let her try to put you on any anti-psychotics other than seroquell either.

    Unless you're seriously fucked in the head, they WILL fuck you in the head.
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    I second this, no matter what you do DO NOT accept risperdal.... FUCK THAT SHIT.

    IT made me piss the bed (at the age of 14) and it made me fucking lactate.

    If you want a benzo that will help curb your anxiety and help you chill... go with (Lorazepam)Ativan. I have been prescribed Xanax and Ativan.... I take the Ativan when I just need to get rid of the intense feelings, but when I go over the edge I opt for Xanax.

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