Business leaders support Obamacare more than the general public

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    Poll Shows Solid Business Support for Health Care Reform | Reuters

    The poll, conducted by Anzalone Liszt Research in advance of President Obama's
    address to Congress, showed that 57% of business leaders believe health care
    reform should be an important government policy. » Blog Archive » Poll Watch: Rasmussen Survey on Health Care Reform Plan (Post-Obama Speech Edition)

    • Strongly favor 31% (27%) [23%] {26%}
    • Somewhat favor 16% (17%) [20%] {16%}
    • Somewhat oppose 10% (12%) [10%] {9%}
    • Strongly oppose 39% (41%) [43%] {44%}

    It's interesting how the Democrats act like Obamacare is for the general public and it's a bunch of business men standing in the way. Makes me wonder who's really going to be benefiting if this is passed.

    Also take note the second poll was conducted after Obama's speech to Congress.
  2. If the health care reform plan passes, will the quality of health care get better, worse, or stay about the same?

    • Better 28% (29%) [23%] {26%}
    • Worse 46% (48%) [50%] {51%}
    • Stay about the same 20% (15%) [21%] {17%}

    If the health care reform plan passes, will the cost of health care go up, go down, or stay about the same?

    • Cost of health care will go up 47% (46%) [52%] {51%}
    • Cost will go down 23% (22%) [17%] {19%}
    • Stay the same 22% (23%) [21%] {21%}
  3. Do you know what they did in the early 1900's when they were trying to pass the Federal Reserve Act? Because people were already weary of the "money trust" of bankers in New York as it was called back then, these prominent New York bankers spoke out against the act and publicly opposed it even though they were the ultimate benefactors of it.

    The insurance companies are pulling the same trick today.
  4. I know, people can really see through Obama's bullshit.
  5. Try reading the article next time. It's not just insurance companies, it's all business leaders, including Big Pharma, who Obama's currently working for.
  6. I did read the article, I just felt like posting something loosely related. What I said still stands - you are talking about the ones that overtly support health care reform, and I'm talking about the ones that publicly oppose it (insurance companies have spent millions lobbying against Obamacare) but would actually get kickbacks from it.
  7. Health insurance companies are all for it the same way auto insurance companies were all for mandatory automobile insurance. The goal has never been a single payer system but rather a more fascist model. Big insurance companies want mandatory health insurance because that will force another 45 million people into the market to buy it. Any government "public option" is still going to be managed by insurance companies who will make money off of tax dollars to offer it. Medicare operates the same way. It is managed by the biggest insurance companies in the market while the government provides the funding which is paid to these insurance companies. Big pharma will have millions of new customers to foist their drugs on. Especially since the public option will likely the be one that would rather throw pills at people than find what is wrong with them a la the Veterans Administration. Big Business loves the idea of dumping expensive health care programs or reducing what is offered to the cheap level of the "public option" or just spending the money paying into the public option pot. It might actually be cheaper for companies to pay the fee for not offering health insurance than to actually offer their employees health care.

    One thing is certain about Obama's plan. It will raise the cost of health care, lower the quality of care delivered and increase the cost of everything else in this country.
  8. My bad then.
  9. Well said. +rep
  10. Dammit, I must spread more rep!

    Guess what drug still won't be legal?


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