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  1. My friend says Bushmaster is a good product. Does anyone recommend this for beginners? Any other suggestions would be helpful first time grower
  2. i hear they make a good AR-15 rifle :p
  3. northern light or ak47 are both good strains for beginners.... they are very resistant to pests... they can forgive some of the grower's mistakes and they both are rich in thc.... in my experience at least...
  4. grow bagseed for your first grow man. it will save you lots of money.
  5. Thanks for the tip man I'll def look into that
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    Agree ^^^

  7. If one is anal about what needs to be done in order to get growing it's very hard to fail. plus you get some quality strain buds as a first grow... pretty rewarding and encouraging :D Let's remember it is a weed... :wave:

  8. you say that, but my dad, who is an experienced grower, stressed his jack herer plants and the potency went down. he had to make hash. 3 plants only produced 7oz of dried bud. and it was fluffy as shit. i find that bag seed is a lot more forgiving, because not everybody is anal about everything.

  9. if you stress your plants then you are not being anal about it :D...I'm happy with my quality strains from day one... but I'm superanal, when I flower I go in my special room 3 times a day, no jokes:wave:
  10. i understand. lol. but, what are the odds that op is super anal to the point he should invest a decent sum of money into beans that might not even get past the juvenile phase? whereas he is probably buying weed right now, and it probably has seeds in it. unless he buys straight dank. so he has beans, or access to them. and from what i hear, most brick weed seeds have pretty good genetics, landraces and such, they just dont care for them. so he can take said free seeds, and plant those as a trial to test his grow setup. cause he might have failed at it in an epic manner. its just better to start with free seeds. lol.in my opinion at least. then again, i had the privileged of starting with skunk #1 x haze seeds. but still, i wouldnt buy seeds until im sure i am a good grower.
  11. well... I guess our differences of opinion has given the op a good insight I think.... I respect what you say and I actually think I agree.... most beginners here on GC screw up a lot!!! so... let's screw up some electrcity and ok weed rather than 10 dollars a bean or something like it....... so, up to you op... are you gonna turn the anal or the trial side of the force??? :wave:

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