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Bush knew about 9/11

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Lexicon Devil, Mar 12, 2004.

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  1. You believe everything you see on the internet?
  2. i believe so
  3. did you even watch it? whether he knew about 9/11 or not his actions were fucked. it doesn\'t matter if he knew about 9/11 or don\'t act like that when the country is in peril....reading a book to children while people are dying...either bush is a moron (which he is, he can\'t even eat a pretzel) or he knew more than he claimed...either way this man should not be the leader of this country, he fucked it up in his term just like his dad.

    edit: and to answer your question i don\'t...the information from that video wasn\'t just made up by some computer nerd it\'s real...its not like i found it on a tripod site or anything. it\'s biased no doubt, but it\'s not like the propaganda they spoon feed you thru the television.

    if you\'re a bush sympathetic i feel sorry for you. do some research instead of watching tv.
  4. I voted for Bush in 2000, and I will vote for him again in 2004. I\'m the last person you need to feel sorry for. Believe me.

    Do some research? No need to. This is the kind of bullshit you come up with. Think for yourself instead of digging up bs on the net.

    Eh, whatever. Bush is to blame for everything. America is at fault. Blah, blah, blah. Even if Bush is at fault, what can you or me do about it? Nothing. The only thing you can do is not vote for him. Good luck at the polls.;)
  5. So you\'re an anarchist how? I see...Junior will start a nuclear war after invading Iran for more oil in his second term and destroy all forms of government along with the planet...but then there wouldn\'t be anyone to take advantage of the lack of government so that would suck...yet another reason not to vote for bush in 2004...he\'ll kill everyone in a nuclear holocaust lol j/k...anyway, sorry if i offended you...i just don\'t like Bush or his policies...that\'s why i\'m voting democrat
  6. lol its just an honorary title.;) Although some law enforcement around here would disagree.

    That would be quite a scenario! Although highly unlikely. lol Some people actually believe shit like that is going to go down though. Those that live in fear are the people that need pity.

    I took no offense to your post. I do not get offended by other\'s political views. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I may not agree with everything Bush does, but I am voting more for the Party then the Individual. Democrat\'s stance on gun control alone is enough to make me vote Republican. But its also other issues like taxes that sway me to the right.

    I may vote Republican, but in reality I am a Libertarian. When it comes to Abortion, Drug laws, and Censorship for example, I am definately in disagreement with the GOP.

    The thing I find funny is that Democrats could seal up this election and probably the next few if they would do just one thing. Back off gun owners and the gun industry. If Democrats would change their overall position and abide by the Second Amendment, I would vote Democrat. And I know MANY more people who would do the same. Seriously, there would be no stopping the Democratic party if they did this.

    But of course that will never happen. Democrats and Republicans alike are all stubborn. Nobody wants to budge on anything. So whether a Democrat or Republican is in office, one thing we can count on is that they will continue to pass unconstitutional laws that will further limit our Freedom.

    Anyone wanna join me in a move to Canada? We can get a dope ass house and grow sweet buds year round! lol ;)

  7. Wait, hold on. Kerry is the one that is in favor of leaving N. Koreas Nuke program alone and letting them make them!
    Kerry is also getting favorable press there... I\'m sure as hell not voting for someone who will allow those instruments of annihilation to be produced; I will NOT vote for Kerry. Period. I don\'t want to get vaporized because some guy feels it\'s best to leave Thermonuclear Warheads alone. H-Bombs, if ever used anywhere populated, would make any other previous nuclear attack look like a parade in July. hell with that.
    If the US was targeted by them, the Jet stream would carry the fallout everywhere and 85% of the country would be suffering the repercussions of a nuclear winter.

    I\'m also not voting Independent... least Bush will either convince or try to put a stop to countries that have programs for developing those things.
    ..You don\'t make nukes for peace. There is nothing peaceful about nuclear explosions. any war, there are nuclear war...there is nothing left.

  8. Right now, under the Bush administration many, many countries (allies and otherwise) have nuclear programs that could produce weapons (the US being one of them). Bush hasn\'t stopped these, when he does come back here with that lame argument.
  9. ^^^ ditto ^^^^ America still makes them, he\'ll you\'ll probably even find that they sell them to other countries.......Britain was selling Argentina weapons even into the start of the Falklands war.

    as for guns, ever notice that it\'s only people who have guns and love guns that are pro-gun?\'s like a child with a rattle, they\'ll start crying if the rattles taken away, but the child gets over if a child can get over losing something that they once possessed, then why can\'t all the people who own guns in America?

    Peace out..........Sid

  10. america built the first ones, and had no quams about using them. period, nuff said.

  11. Thats not true. And its deeper then that. I know a lot of people that are pro-gun that don\'t own any. I even know people who HATE guns, but recognize that we have the RIGHT to own them. My mother is one of these people. She absolutely HATES my guns with a passion. She cringes when she walks into my apartment and sees my AK-47 and M-16s hanging on the walls. But she knows I have a right to have them and if I wish to own them, thats my choice. Not hers.

    Also, the Second Amendment of the Constitution clearly states that the American people have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Taking that away would be the same as taking away Free Speech. It can\'t be done and it will not be done. Our \"Rattles\" are very intimidating and will cause lots of damage if they ever attempt to take them away. They know this and thats why all they do is talk about it instead of doing something about it. Take away our guns and then only criminals will have them. That would not be a very good situation.

    Automobiles are the cause of hundreds of thousands of more deaths per year then guns are. But I don\'t see anyone trying to ban cars. Why? I guess its ok because automobiles are a convenience. And don\'t forget about how much cars fuck up the environment. They kill more people then guns, and they destroy the very environment us humans NEED to survive. Make sense? Personally, I don\'t think it does.

    Its also about the hundreds of thousands of jobs and Billions of dollars the gun industry produces. I suppose we\'ll just put all these people out of work and on the streets? I don\'t think it would be a very good idea to make more people rely on the government for financial assistance.

    How would you feel if it was legal in your country to smoke, possess, and cultivate marijuana, but one day they just decided to take that right away? You wouldn\'t like that very much. But like a child, you would get over it and not smoke pot anymore, right?? LOL I thought not.

    There are many more reasons I can think of and theres much more I can write about this, but I am off to buy a 600W HPS lamp now. Flowering is only 1 or 2 weeks away.:D
  12. i\'m with you on your stance on guns blazin420, between my family we own 2 handguns, one for each store we own for protection. One is a jewelery store and we\'ve been robbed before and the other is an antique store and all kinds of sketchy people come in there. Me and my dad belong to the NRA...personally i think republicans and democrats are both bastards, but sometimes you have to pick the lesser of two evils...i\'m not going to back up kerry or defend him, he\'s gonna do somethings i\'m not going to be happy with...but right now he\'s looking better than bush to me.

  13. Absolutely not. Think about this scenario....

    As of right now, there are approx. 290 million firearms owned by about 80 million American civilians. This does not include military equipment. It is solely civilian weaponry. This accounts for 1/3 of the entire world\'s guns, including all military equipment.

    Now, if they passed a ban on guns tomorrow in America, what would happen? Idealy, everyone would turn in their guns and that would be the end of it. But that wouldn\'t happen. Therefore, everyone that keeps their guns, is now a criminal in the eyes of the law. So lets see, what to do with my 20 guns? Hmmmm, I have invested about $15,000 in guns and the government is not gonna give me anything for them. Fuck that, I\'m selling them on the black market to whoever wants them.

    If even only 5% of the guns hit the streets after the ban, it would be a disaster. And lemme tell you, A LOT more then 5% will be sold to violent criminals who found it difficult before to buy a gun. Now, theres an unlimited supply for all the drug dealers, rapists, and murderers.

    Thats just one horrible aspect of it. Think about this also....

    When the cops come to collect our guns and we don\'t want to give them up, whats gonna happen? Hmmmm, I have an AK-47, and M-16 both loaded up with 75 round drum and 2 30 round magazines filled with armor piercing steel core ammunition.

    Theres 3 cops on the other side of the door. 2 carrying 9mm Glocks and the other with a short barreled 12 guage shotgun. I may be out manned, but I am definately not out gunned. And thats the name of the game.

    Cops knock on door and ask for the guns. I tell them to Fuck Off, and they go ahead and break my door down. Now they have violated my home will have to deal with the consequences. Open fire with AK-47 effectively wiping out cops. There would be a massive shortage of police officers across the country. And with less cops, there would be more crime.

    So, America is definately a safer place without a gun ban. Thats why it will not happen. So much more would happen then I mentioned. I\'d just give the cops 1 or 2 of my guns and bury the other 10. I\'d dig them up later if they repealed the gun ban or I felt it was safe to go get them.

    Oh, and the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

    Damn...I just typed a lot. LOL I\'ve been smoking some Haze outta my new sherlock. I think thats all I have to say for now. Getting kinda hungry for lunch. Haven\'t eaten yet today. :)
  14. Bush is a warmongering moron guided by his father.

    Gore would not have done any better.

    The wheels were already turning.

    America\'s origin was the result of bloody revolution ,and that mentality will not change .

    No matter what law is created ,or what scale of weapons are available ,I will never give up fighting the basic rights that \"I\" believe every \"human\" should have.

    To whatever degree required.


  15. Roach: You make a good point.

    On to other business:
    I\'m not talking about A-Bombs, I\'m talking about Hydrogen Bombs. The first nukes made were simple, crude, and unrefined, and definitely did not use deuterium as a catalyst. Now they\'re engineered for mass genocide. I honestly see everyone disarming their nukes as the best hope to not blast the planet into oblivion from a horrible war.
  16. The gun is a human creation from the Age of Pisces,


    any references ?

    Hand Cannon had appeared in the field of battle during the reign of Edward III in


    The when, where and who of the very first firearm is very much a gray area. Nobody is completely certain about the origin and inventor of the very first firearm.

    The inventor of the very first firearm was never recorded, or the record has been lost. The year the firearm was first invented was not recorded either and is also not conclusively known.

    It was so long ago, that comprehensive records were not made or kept. It is possible that if there were any records made of the inventor, they may have been lost or destroyed.

    There are only a few things that we have to go on and here they are:

    The Chinese invented gun powder around the year 900 A.D.. Gun powder was being made in Europe during the middle 1200\'s. Gun powder was used for hundreds of years for fireworks, before its use in guns was ever thought of.

    Roger Bacon was known to have experimented with gunpowder in Europe between 1240 and 1270. Two of the three main ingredients of gun powder were known as \"Chinese Salt\" and \"Chinese Snow\", lending convincing credence to the notion that gun powder was invented in China.

    During the last half of the 1200\'s, the Chinese were shooting stones from bamboo poles, using gun powder.

    It was probably during the late 1200\'s or very early 1300\'s that the first metallic firearm was made.

    In 1326 A.D., there was a decree in Florence, Italy for men to make iron bullets and cannon. Other documents from 1326 mention payments for gun powder, shot and cannon.

    In 1345 A.D. there were British records for the repairs of guns that fired both arrows and pellets. One year later in 1346, records have been found of a shipment of guns from London, England to France.

    The first mention of the term \"Handgonne\" (handgun) came in 1388. Before that, they were known as \"Hand Cannons\", and were \"set off\" by hot coals or burning embers. Quite likely, the first gun was known as a hand cannon.

    So to recap what we know, the first gun was probably invented around the year 1300 and the inventor is not known, but may well have been a man from China.

    Nobody knows exactly what the first gun invented looks like, but it was more than likely a wooden pole, with a metal tube attached to it. Below is an example of a gun made in the late 1300\'s, but this is not the first gun made. A photo of the first gun made would be virtually impossible to find.
  17. One added thing..................

    as long as the badguys and police/military have guns...................Then \'every\' citizen ,Not of either of those groups ,should by all means have the same right to self protection.

    that is a \'human\' right to survival...............NOT a \'civil\' one.


    Edit: (spelling revised) :)....When I get excited my mix gets all talked up.:rolleyes:
  18. automobiles serve a purpose, to transfer things over distances, and take the hard work out of it..........

    Guns have no other place in society apart from killing people.....pure and simple.........not for hunting, indians and cave men got by just fine killing more animals than your average gun hunter now, and all they used was arrows and spears.........the only thing a gun does is make it less fair on the hunted animal.

    as for M-16\'s and AK-47\'s they were designed for nothing but the elimination of Human Beings, and especially with armour piercing rounds.

    If 80 Million Americans have 290million guns then that\'s an average of 4 guns per gun many do they want? many guns does one person need? there a limit to how many one person can own?......when do they draw the line, when a group of 200 or so, get so many guns and ammo, and hole themselves up in Waco??

    Guns are man made, weed is not, it is natural and was here probably before us........guns are man made, and i\'m ashamed to say it, but it was a Briton who invented the first 6 chamber gun.

    Britain has a population of approx 80,000,000 people, and only farmers and a VERY selected few have gun licences, and we have far fewer deaths per head of population than the U.S.A..........and that\'s for the sheer fact that not everyone has the right to own a gun, yes we have gun deaths from criminals, but not that many considering the population, and no matter how much i had spent on guns, if they became illegill, i would not sell them on the black market to people who may or may not use them to kill people, some of which may or maynot be crimanals, or children.

    Peace out..........Sid

    so blazin your going with the 600?.....nice choice ;)
  19. Guns serve to protect my life from those who wish to do harm. To me, thats more important then transportation. The cave men made it by just fine without cars too. Same arguement can be made.

    Yes, they work very well at eliminating humans. But since they are for protection, I want them to work well. Thats the point. Me being able to defend my life.

    I don\'t know how many we want. They sell about 3 million new guns a year. So I guess we want a lot. Me, I bought a combination of 9 handguns and rifles last year alone. Why? Because I can.;)

    Waco....don\'t get into that. The BATF and FBI were at fault in that situation. The Branch Davidians were nut jobs, but they were doing nothing to provoke the actions taken by the BATF and FBI. NOTHING! They had lots of guns and therefore were targeted by the government. They wanted to make an example of them, but ended up fucking everything up. The Branch Davidians defended themselves. Did you ever hear the 911 call from the compound with the guy asking why the cops were shooting at them? Begging for them to stop. Then finally they said fuck it and told them they would fire back. And they did. Good for them. They are 1 perfect example as to why citizens must be allowed to own guns. If the govt just left them alone, no harm would have been done. Children would not have been burned alive.

    About weed being natural. Yeah it is. But its not about that. Its about government regulation. Not about whether it serves a purpose in society or whether it is good or bad.

    I would not flood the streets with my weapons either. But many people would. Thats all I was saying. I\'d just bury mine.

    About the amount of gun deaths....This is something that nobody can answer. It doesn\'t make sense. I wish I knew why we had so many more gun deaths. The we\'d be able to fix the problem. But either way, the problem isn\'t the guns. Guns don\'t kill people. People kill people. Pick up the New York Times or Daily News on any particular day and you will see many articles about people being killed. Most cases are not firearm related. If guns cause crime, then I guess mine are defective.

    Yeah, I got the 600 yesterday. I have yet to set it up. I\'ll be able to once the ex-gf leaves on Wednesday or Saturday. I can\'t wait! I\'ll have a clone/seedling room with fluros only, a Veg room with a 400W MH, and a Flower room with a 600W HPS. :D:D I\'ll take plenty of pics once its all set up.

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