Bush kill the Earth

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta00, Jul 20, 2001.

  1. Americas President Bush is the gratest A****e in the World!
    America, the Nation with no respect for our Nation will never stop to destroy, damage and kill!
    Why u do that America?? Need more money?
    I think America will try to fix our worldwide Trashproblems when its too late but this can not work.
    So, anybody here who vote for Bush?? I hope u can look in your childrens Face with no bad Feelings
    Save the World Bush, i never ever hope that somebody get killed but with you?? I think i had to change my mind.
    Later... Rasta
  2. nope, i didn't vote for bush. i don't like bush. i don't like busch beer eather. i do like bush stadium.
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  3. i didnt think you needed to defend yourself there. and if you hate it so much, why do you do it so much? :D ..... unless.... .... no way..... you didnt..... tell me you didnt... zoney! why!? nooooo! ... tell me you didnt vote for bush, please say it aint so.


    and whats with all the nostalgia zonedude? missing the past? past looking brighter than the future?
  4. Please do not.. Ever... Ever say Fuck You America... maybe Fuck Americas Government yes but not America in hole sense i am a American and im Proud of it now thats a little better lol oh and yea i hate my countries government just as much as the next stoner :)
  5. Fucking pubic hair ruining our natures.
  6. Pre-9/11/2001 Time Capsule thread FTL!
  7. I wonder what the O.P would have to say now.
    /shakes head
  8. i didn't vote for him

    so don't blame me
  9. Well, it could be worse... :smoking:
  10. Rasta00, focusing on the issues that matter most: worldwideTrashproblems and America damage.
  11. Digit banned.
    /shakes head.
    yet another victim.
  12. Rasta00 > Nostradamus
  13. Bears beat......Battlestar Galactica!
  14. Quick, somebody ICQ him and let him know he is awesome at predicting the future!

  15. Yeah why was he banned?

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