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Burping smoke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chocolate Log, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Anyone else here enjoy it?:confused:
  2. I do it sometimes but i cant really control it :p
  3. i do sometimes when i need to burp. i usually hate it.
  4. It's never happened to me seems uncomfortable lol. Especially explaining that in public :p
  5. Yeah, I can't control it... well, I never really tried. I just let it suprise me. But it's cool. It makes me feel like a Dragon!
  6. Whenever I accidentally swallow smoke, the upside is that burping it out is kind of fun. :p
  7. lulz i kinda got caught out once by the infamous smoke burp. It happened like 5 minutes after i was done smoking. Which is weird lol
  8. Well it means you've swallowed smoke, which usually means an upset stomach, so not in that sense... but it IS pretty funny.:D
  9. Bottom line is... it's great fun.
  10. Haha all the time. Swallowing the smoke allows me to take huge rips. :smoke:

    Take a big rip , 15 mins later burp up a little cloud. Haha
  11. Haha, I feel super classy when I do that.
  12. Haha, ewww it's dirtyyyy. I usually have a stomach ache after toking and then I let out a smoke-burp and I feel all better. Ha.

  13. I had a friend that burped at his Thanksgiving dinner with his family and smoke came out
  14. never swallow my hits, once morning after a night of smoking i suddenly puked and burped out this cloud of smoke that was the worst thing iv'e ever tasted.... it creeped me out :/
  15. yeah you're 100% swallowing your smoke, this can upset your stomach sometimes too.
  16. Never had it happen to me, although that would be a site to see
  17. man damn, i thought it was a good sign, showing you've been inhaling good haha but gotcha thats cool, just a mess up and swallowing it
  18. Nah. But weed burps I have. :devious:
  19. loooooved burping up smoke in school! :)
  20. love the thumbnail bro, i wanna hit that blunt!

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