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  1. I woke up this morning to check on the one plant that is going alright and two of the fan leaves appear burnt. The plant is only 3 weeks old so it's not big. The rest of the leaves are fine, it's just about half of these two leaves are cripsy. The soil was pretty dry when i check also, so i watered them up. Are the leaves going to recooperate or are they gone? I'll try to get pics up this afternoon.
  2. if dehydration was the problem then yes, but yellow leaves can be caused by many things. lack of water, nute problem, heat issue.....you can check to see if its the light by putting yout hand right over top of your plants, if your hand feels hot after a couple secs, back the light up a bit.
    hopefully thought your leaves will reguvinate after the watering.

    ohh also, if the leaves are badly burnt just clip em and get them off your plant.
  3. if they are burned, then they are fucked and won't come back. Clip off the burned area with some sizzors dipped in alcohol.
  4. Yes. Under watered won't cause burnt crispy leaves that quickly. If they are burnt, then your lights touched/are to close or your atmospheric conditions are off (i.e. to hot and/or too dry).

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