Burnt throat from wu-tanging blunt

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  1. so about 3 days ago i was hitting a blunt and was about to go out, So i was trying to impress my brother-in-law by wu-tanging the blunt. Note I have done this before. So i do it while the ember is still going and while i inhale i coughed. All the sudden the blunt gets stuck in my nostrils and im trying to hack it out. i finally get it out after about 10 seconds and once it comes out it also burns my uvula. there are burn marks in the back of my throat and 1 on my uvula. Wondering if anyone has any advice other than use salt water. Because i tried to smoke the day after and my mouth swelled up and im really scared to smoke again. PLEASE HELP! I need to know when its safe to smoke, what to use, and if i should see a doctor.
  2. lol youre supposed to chug a beverage after doing it to basically force the roach down
  3. back when me and my friends were stupid like you, we would do this sometimes, but the term we used was "frog it". Get it?

    my one friend who did it the most was soon dubbed with the nickname "Froggy" for a few months, until we realized "What the fuck are we doing?".

    but anyway, nothing like this happened to us, so I cannot help you.
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  4. Oh man kids these days...
  5. What's the saying about playing with fire and getting burned?

    That sucks, OP. Time to heal is what it needs
  6. I don't know what to say.

    See a doctor
  7. No worries, you'll shit it out in a few days. If it's still lit, stay home and enjoy :smoke:. If not, head to the doc and ask for lighter :poop::weed-4::vaping:
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  8. Did you vine it? Would make a good add on to the endless list of cool things stoners do while stoned.

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