Burnt out like shit

Discussion in 'General' started by What'sThatSmell, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Ugh, fucking mushrooms..

    And Ecstasy..

    And too much weed..

    I need to lay off the drugs, they can't be good for my developing body.
    Anyone else feeling really burnt out right now? I've been the walking dead for the last 12 hours. And my spine is tingling, what a sensation to feel when at the point of passing out.
  2. damn bro, id turn it down a notch if i was you.....

    i did shrooms shortly after doing ecstasy once, and i guess since u have no more "formone" levels or something??? im high

    but its the chemical that makes u happy or watever is drawn out all at once when you do X, so it takes a while to build back up after ur done, so i had a horible trip on shrooms

    i think thtas how it works.... correct me if im wrong tho
  3. Probably, I just know that I lost my mind tonight, I couldn't think at all and got the fear.
  4. The chemical is serotonin. It sucks to come down, but that's the price of the high as well along with the money that was spent. Rest a lot, maybe some 5-HTP and you'll be fine. Eat well too, you need to replenish all those nutrients you lost.
  5. Lay off the xtc.
    If you only did shrooms and weed, you'd feel good today.
  6. Alright, that's it. Last night was too much, I literally lost my fucking mind due to the powers of the Psilocybin. My mind blanked out, I was paranoid as fuck and I kept repeating myself over and over again in conversations.

    Fuck you mushrooms, I'm done with them for good.
    Going to find someone who wants to take these last 2 grams off me.
  7. I wish I could have those last two grams oh well good luck. Next time take it a little easier. Drinking water should also help a lot:smoke:
  8. takes some vitamins! 5 htp, vitamin c, d, something. it'll help alot
  9. i know what you mean man. one week over the summer i decided to buy alot of acid.

    that week i tripped 3 times and ate about 15 hits in all. good times, but my brain felt dead for weeks afterword.
  10. (take this with a grain of salt, it's not flaming, it's in a loving manner) Fuck you man, don't blame shrooms, it was probably the x... srry, I just love the shrooms


  11. how would ecstasy make you "lose your mind" and get the fear like WTS said... I've gotten the fear on mushrooms and that was more then enough to make me never want to take them again... Dont blame the Thizz

  12. it could happen.. I admit pure MDMA probably wouldn't make you "lose you mind" but it COULD happen.. probably the same chance you will "lose your mind" like he did with either substance.. I've never lost my mind from either.


  13. oh knoes the fear! But in all seriousness, you just basically had an ego death and bugged out. See, the E is what really fucked you. The comedowns can be brutal, and since it lasts less time than shrooms... well, you catch my drift.

    Here's how it might have gone down:

    Coming down off of the E, not feeling invisible and perfect anymore.

    You're tripping balls on shrooms pretty good now, and aren't feeling the same as before.

    You're high as hell to, which makes you a bit confused. An E trip can tire you out too.

    Tired mind+Hazed/confused mind+ Tripping balls mind= Losing your mind.

    Einstein anyone?
  14. Just stop doing drugs for about a week and you'll be back to normal :)
  15. Uh, for anyone blaming the Ecstasy, no, you're wrong - it was the shrooms without a doubt. I only railed a single pill of E to test the product out at about 12:10 in the afternoon. I ate the shrooms at 5:30 in the afternoon and 30 minutes after that I had an insanely bad time.

    My friend thought he was dying and was yelling and such. I went into a state of total isolation, I kept wanting to get away from everyone. I was unsatisfied by every single thing, I couldn't watch movies, or play video games or even listen to music. This wasn't my first time doing shrooms and I hadn't been on any tolerance breaks previous to it. I've never hated life so much as I did last night.

    The visual hallucinations are not worth the paranoia.

    I'm completely fine now, I feel great actually to not be on drugs. Last night's feeling almost tempts me to quit all drugs since I feel so much more social and happy without them.
  16. I wouldn't blame the mushrooms, I mean - when tripping it's all about your mindset and how comfortable you are with yourself and/or others. If you aren't completely comfy with yourself and how your mind works or if you are in a shitty state of mind, I would definitely recommend not tripping ... all mushrooms do is intensify whatever emotions you are feeling and intensify all of your senses while at the same time giving you many different perceptions of the world. If you aren't ready to see the world through different perspectives, then don't do mushrooms or LSD. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with mushrooms if you use them responsibly.

  17. Alright. Remember, before you put blame on psychedelics. "Set and setting."

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