Burnt my right eyes eyelashes off

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by radiated, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. well i'm not actually sure. i was smoking an apple pipe in cold windy weather, was pretty desperate at the time, was walking somewhere. all i used was the apple, a bic and a small nug.

    on my right eyes eyelashes, it got a lighter color to it, and they seem short than the other eye. when i rub my eyelashes, my fingers smell weird. it isn't noticeable unless you look really close in the mirror. the tip of the eyelashes are a light brown color compared to the normal dark brown mine are. did i fuck up somehow? i didn't feel it at the time, like i said i noticed it this morning when it happened kind of, just thought the light brown was the crusty stuff you get when you wake up because i waked and baked.

    lol could i have burnt the tip of my eyelashes? do they grow back? super baked hard to right this

    tl;dr smoking apple pipe, windy day, right eye lashes are slightly shorter, lighter color and smell weird.
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  2. u must get da good budz if dey make yo lashes shrink
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  3. Hahaha. Use mascara.. it'll darken your eyelashes and make them longer.
  4. Don't really know what to say man, i don't know anyone who has had anything similar to this happen. lulz. sounds more like the flame of the lighter might have brushed up against your eyelash or somthing when the wind blew. Ive' only gave the apple tool a shot one time.. hits good if made right and gives off an additional nice aftertaste. but hey; you gotta' do what you gotta' do. haha
  5. ..and yes eyelashes grow back. lmfao
  6. lol yea you burnt it. its ok, they grow back you will be fine, nothing to worry about just really funny.
  7. yeah you burned them it usually happens when you bend your head downward and try to light it the flame rises up and gets your lashes. happens to the 3L173 aka: the elite
  8. I did this to my friend when he made me light a bong for him... He pushed the lighter though so it's his fault (which we both agreed on) and it burnt half his lashes to the eyelid. He said he could see them burning like a fuse and getting shorter, hahaha.
  9. You are lucky to just get the eyelash. I burnt off half of my eyebrow once. Had to shave the other side a little to make it look legit.

    Good times
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  10. Be careful if you use contact lenses. They can melt with the heat and fuck up your vision.  I read about a girl who went blind because her contacts melted after she stared at a fireplace for too long.
  11. reminds me of when i used way too much lighter fluid on a grill and a big ass fireball burned lots of my eyelshes/brows and all the hair off my arm lol...dont use a lot of lighter fluid
  12. http://www.snopes.com/horrors/techno/cornea.asp
  13. The eyelashes on my left eye are half the length of the ones on my right eye, i singed them lighting a joint off the gas ring on the cooker, my mascara stopped them burning off completely but they're still fucked, i get eyelash extensions to even them out, individual ones they take ages to get done, I'm guessing you're a guy though so that probably isn't really something you're gonna do!
  14. You are gonna die in 48 hours.
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  15. How many more apple-pipe horror stories is it going to take until this dreadful method of smoking weed is eliminated?  
  16. All a MAN can do, is to use a colorless serum-enhancer to grow the lashes back, without saying to anyone. ;) The same thing happened to my uncle and he was a public person so he could not stay with burned eyelashes. He restored them with the help of Cherish Lash serum which I presented to him. :-D
  17. Burn the other side out too so you don't look suspicious
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  18. One time I was on the porch lighting a bong and the wind picked up and at the same time I lit the lighter, caught the ends of my hair on fire have burned eyelashes, tips of fingers, lip.

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