burnt foliage?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ann clark, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Uh oh. We've had lots of rain lately and I noticed mildew starting on 1 (out of 10)
    plants that I have growing in pots outside. About 2 months old. So, 3 days ago I made the BIG mistake of spraying all my plants with a light mist of fungicide (organic, for veg gardens). The one that I nailed most with the mist is a goner, and the rest of the plants have a burn spots where the mist settled on the leaves[​IMG]. They are all slightly wilted now,and the spots get more pronounced when put in direct sun...so I'm keeping them out of the sun today- they're actually getting rained on again, which may be good.. I tried rinsing them off but I thiink the damage was done already. Needless to say I won't use that stuff again. I know I was an idiot...that much is clear. I haven't sexed them yet (waiting for a good mag. glass in the mail), but I don't want this extra stress to make them turn hermie, or worse-to die.
    Any one have similar experiences??? Remedies??? Or should I just shoot myself?
  2. Did you apply that stuff in direct sun? That will cause burn in a heartbeat. Was it a pre mix, or did you mix it yourself? What was the product?

    It's just that, usually, most stuff if properly applied, doesn't burn the plants. Wouldn't stay on the shelves very long if they did.


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