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  1. First thanks to anybody that can help me. I adjusted my lights last nite right after it's cycle. When i went to check them this morn. One light had slid back to it's early position,( my fault for not securing it right) and one of my top buds was laying against the bulb.(CFL) It is in a 12-12 cycle so it had not started yet, so i adjusted it again, and locked it down, but it took time and i had to go to work,lol. I try to keep a 2-3" gap between the plant and bulb. I got home and checked it, the top 1/8 inch was starting to burn, and a leaf at the very top was burning brown. It was not touching any part of the bulb, but was with-in 1" of the bulb. It has def. made the very top part crispy. Very small part really, and i am a week from harvest. So i cliped it with scissors. lol, should i go ahead and pull it? Or leave it be and keep a good eye on it? I fixed the light for sure this time! Thanks for any help, and this is my first grow. I don't do pics, sorry.
  2. I would just let it be seeing as you are so close to harvest. The plant thinks it's dting right now and is dumping everything it has into the buds.
  3. I'd cut it...dry it...and see how done it really is. You may find you'd like to go another week or two. Test the high out... I can't resist early tasting.
  4. I did cut the burnt stuff off, and smoked it. I've had better. It is in it's 7th week of flower, was planning to to harvest at 8 weeks. The hairs are turning red but not at 80% yet. Do not have a scope, and prolly won't get one yet. The flowering has really picked up in the last week, filling out nice! Thanks for the info.

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