Burnt/Amber overnight.

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  2. They became amber overnight? Better check for hermies... At the base of each bud site is usually where you will find them... It could mean it is pollenated, which at that pont the pistils turn brown and receed into the flower to produce seeds.
  3. ive had some weird shit almost like that happen to my plants after spraying baking soda. i thought it was some kind of fungi. i feel like the excess humidity from spraying contributed to the strangness, but i cant be sure.

    that is why i will never use baking soda for my plants again. skunk patronus has a good recipe for PM somewhere around here, if you feel like doing a bit of digging around for next time.....
  4. What needed up happening to your crop? Did it stop growing or did you have to crop out early? A lot of the nodes have lost the white hairs and just look solid orange - black.
  5. i cropped it out at the same time - i cut off all the strange colored parts and used them to blow BHO. the rest of the buds were great :smoke:
  6. So whats good regarding your pistils? Was it because of the soda or because it hermied?
  7. Nah they are burned for sure. The pistils look fine and we have took out the one male that we had.

    That is quite a bummer I was hoping for a dank crop but looks like it cut it down by more than half.

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