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  1. Hey heres a question for the mods or whoever has a good answer really,
    Earlier this week my girlfriend and I were cooking with cooking oil, it burst into flames and exploded onto us giving both of us but mainly her some pretty bad oil burns which sting and hurt like crazy. Its been almost a week and the burns are starting to scab up, which is pretty uncomfortable and painful. Shes been taking percocets, but her RX just ran out and were having trouble refilling it. I was wondering what strain would be best for dealing with the discomfort and pain? I know most likely an Indica, but i was wondering more specific. We both have medical cards and theres a pretty big dispensary down the street.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the long story

  2. grape ape... its a bomb strain prolly my favorite indica
  3. Oral ingestion does the trick for me. It seems more effective that smoking.

    I find that a really wide range of indica and even hybrid strains work. None specifically jump out at me; O.G. Kush is a fantastic indica, but always comes to me fairly pricey.
  4. get some weed, extract the thc using isopropanol alcohol so that you end up with some sticky brown looking pure THC

    rub this onto the burn and it will amaze you

    if you need more info watch rick simpsons videos on youtube

    i garantee this will work 100%, and is the best method to get rid of the burn and eliminate pain
  5. alright thanks a lot for everyones suggestions/help. the burns are looking better already. I think we're going to make some OG cookies, and if they have the cannabalm at the disp. then we'll grab that too
    thanks again

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