Burning with Mircaile Grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cowofsteel, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. I'm either planting my babies in soil today or tommorow and i have the pots filled w/ Mircale Grow Potting Mix. Is this okay. I have heard that you should use regualar dirt at first and than when you replant put it in Mircale Grow. Or am i completely wrong? Thanks in advance.
  2. If its all you got it , it's all you got. It will work but not without some stress and possibly burning up a few babies.
  3. Can i like have half fert. half dirt? Thanks :confused:
  4. You actually should never use "dirt",,the miracle grow potting mix will be fine,,plant them in it,,,in a couple weeks you can start ferts,,when it is adjusted and may need some...

  5. The fert in Miracle grow Potting mix is time and moisture release type fertilizer, similiar to osmocote. Heat and excess moisture tend to make the time release formula fert to kick off and with seedlings you may see some burning. Be easy with the water and it should do OK. It will work but it's not my first choice to start seedlings in. IT works great when they get older but you have to remember that the ferts are already in it and you don't add too much extra fert.
  6. what is your first choice for seeds?
  7. Top44 or Durban Poison for newbies
  8. Thanks, I'll look into that.

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