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burning my throat/glands??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rls1128, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. ive been a smoker for a while...i have pretty bad acid i have to stay away from bowls/blunts/joints - i am limited to an occasional bub hit, and then i have a roor and a vape. when i take bong hits (and i mean pretty big bong hits, milked) the SIDES of my throat hurt, like near where my glands would be. it feels sore while im smoking but then goes away fairly quickly after my session is done. i dont feel this at all from the vaporizer, so im assuming that my throat and glandular area is so fucked up cuz of all the years of torturing it with hot smoke, that big bongs hits just hurt that whole area.
    anyone else experience this? its not really a burning pain, more of like an aching...

    (ive been checked out by an ent, so please dont go telling me its cancer lol.)
  2. You could have strep throat, or just be mildly sick. Sometimes in the morning I will forget to drink some water before my morning sesh, and I take tiny hits because my throat dries up and burns and I start coughing up a lung.

    Your throat could just be in bad shape or it's just in your head. If it isn't cancer and it's not your imagination, you have some type of injury that needs to be looked at(?).
  3. Yes - I get it when I use a pipe or do a lot of vaping. It's a strange ache that is something between fire and a brain freeze, but in my throat. Usually drinking a cool drink and sucking on a mint will help.

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