Burning Man Festival

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  1. Has anyone been to this? Seems interesting for sure but I'm wondering what it's like...could be nice to get some first hand accounts of this festival from those who have gone :D
  2. Don't go. It is a cesspool.

    Why not go to a secluded spot in nature and chill there? Way better than 'burning man'
  3. I went last summer, and honestly, MEH.

    Lots of great people attend, but by and large it's full of charlatans and just really creepy dudes preying on the young girls that attend.

    I can imagine it being great during the earliest years. Now it's just full of burn-outs, junkies, naked people who shouldn't be naked, and it's fucking hot and everybody smells like shit.

    I went in with very little expectations, and came away knowing full well that that just isn't my scene. Sure, drugs were plentiful, but honestly if you're looking for drugs go to a music festival.

  4. To be honest this posts makes me wanna go even more.. But im a freak.

  5. Too much cock dude. Too much.

    And I'm a gay man.

    I don't regret the experience at all, but I wouldn't go again even if somebody paid my way. For every 1 cool person there were 10 just straight up crazies.

    And I'm a paranoid schizophrenic, so I'm pretty damn crazy myself.

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