Burned throat from bong rip?

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  1. So almost two weeks ago now, I hit a bong for the first time. After taking two hits the back of my throat really hurt (my mouth had already been dry). For the past two weeks, the right side of my throat has been in extreme pain, sharp pain that comes and goes and is in one specific spot. I have taken ibuprofen and drank cold juice which usually helps a sore throat, but it doesn't really help at all. Has anyone else had this happen, is it possible to burn the inside of your throat? If so, how long does it take to go away?
  2. Possible, yes. Very likely, no. If it's one specific spot, I'd say just go to a GP and have them look at it.

    Unless you hit a tiny little bong and kept a flame over the bowl the whole time. Then the air may not have had time to cool sufficiently. But a decent sized bong and cornering a bowl, no, you most likely did not cause burns to your throat.

    But again, I am not a doctor. If you think something is messed up, go see a doctor.
  3. I've had that happen to me too... mostly at the end of big bong seshes I've had it happen once or twice when my throats becomes really sore and I just tell myself "oh it's just irritated it'll be fine by the morning" but it ended up lasting like almost 4 days of sore throaty-ness. I haven't had it happen with my bigger bongs though, normally my small/medium sized bongs will make my throats hurt. I don't have health insurance just I just stuck it out till it got better LOL

    what i do is not up to you.

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